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November 15, 2019
Smart, funny and truly original, it's a film capable of entertaining its young target audience as well as the parents who come along for the ride.
November 13, 2019
In the true Disney spirit, Holes is for the young and old alike. Substantive, well told, well executed. There is something here to satisfy the entire family...
June 28, 2019
I think it's something that will make children think while still entertaining them and it'll teach them some good lessons.
November 5, 2018
This Burtonesque slice of Southern whimsy works much better on the page than it does on screen where its events transpire arbitrarily and seem less organic.
December 30, 2006
December 6, 2005
December 6, 2004
Young viewers and old alike will be given powerful metaphors of servanthood and selflessness, humility and honor, courage and Christ-like kindness.
October 25, 2004
O roteiro leve e bem construdo, aliado s performances de um elenco carismtico, deu origem ao tipo de filme que certamente divertir toda a famlia.
October 7, 2004
July 6, 2004
Engaging, generous, and well-paced. Holes is inventively plotted and its coincidences and crazy mysticism pull you in the way the best children's fiction does.
October 27, 2003
October 22, 2003
September 26, 2003
Unlike so many kids movies, Holes hasn't been dumbed down, loaded with bathroom humor
September 24, 2003
Funny, inspiring and just a little bit naughty, Holes is excellent family entertainment.
September 21, 2003
For all its faults, Holes has an overriding good humor and sense of fun that saves it from the usual drudge of children's pictures.
September 20, 2003
September 6, 2003
Holes is a rarity among kids' movies: It's dark, complex, intelligent and well-acted.
July 17, 2003
An honestly extraordinary maturation performance by Even Stevens' Shia LaBeouf proves Disney truly has monopoly over the most talented youth actors
July 10, 2003
There are so many delightful little touches and warped bits of storytelling that I can't imagine anyone who won't love this film.
June 19, 2003
Holes isn't just a movie to see, it's also one to be proud of.
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