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May 26, 2020
Oliveira, a nonagenarian when he made the film, conveys the hidden rapture of daily life-and the power of images to preserve it.
December 30, 2006
September 25, 2003
A rarity, a film about old age that is neither a celebration or lament of of lost youth, nor an anticipation of impending death, but simply an unsentimental meditation on the ambiguous present, on aimlessness, isolation, and infirmity.
November 27, 2002
Elliptical as it is perceptive.
November 22, 2002
Stylistically adventurous.
November 15, 2002
The kind of quiet masterpiece that fully registers only after you've seen it.
November 1, 2002
Subtly powerful.
October 18, 2002
Watching this gentle, mesmerizing portrait of a man coming to terms with time, you barely realize your mind is being blown.
October 17, 2002
The movie is a trove of delights.
September 20, 2002
A different movie -- sometimes tedious -- by a director many viewers would like to skip but film buffs should get to know.
September 16, 2002
Wonderful performances and beautiful camera work.
September 13, 2002
Few films seem so wise and knowing about the fact of age and the approach of the end.
September 12, 2002
A work of devastating simplicity and poetic tact and grace.
September 6, 2002
De Oliveira gives us a witty, moving, yet unsentimental study of mortality that ranks among the best work of his career.
September 5, 2002
In I'm Going Home, de Oliveira, as alive as any filmmaker, captures the way that tragedy can eat away at even those who've long outlived it.
September 5, 2002
What a role this is for Piccoli, who plays the hubristic king, the bereaved husband, the grand artist, in tones that range from thunder to whisper.
August 29, 2002
If it seems like a minor miracle that its septuagenarian star is young enough to be the nonagenarian filmmaker's son, more incredible still are the clear-eyed boldness and quiet irony with which actor and director take on life's urgent questions.
August 29, 2002
Judging from the strength of this superbly enigmatic film, Oliveira himself seems far from ready to go home.
August 22, 2002
An old man's film in terms of its subject, star and protagonist, 76-year-old Michel Piccoli, but not in terms of its rigorous style or its austere denial of sentimentality and self-pity.
August 14, 2002
Piccoli is superb as an aging actor named Gilbert Valence.
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