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This throwaway comedy falls victim to its hip sensibilities.



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High school. A time of sweet innocence. Untainted youth. Goal-oriented teenagers. NOT! At fictional Reagan High School, these are the times of feeling awkward and discovering who you are while trying to fit in with everyone else. And belonging to a "clique" is a life or death matter, especially when that clique rules the school. Courtney Shane, Julie Freeman, Marcie Fox, and Liz Purr are all best friends. They are at the height of their popularity when an innocent birthday prank accidentally kills Liz, the sweetest member of the clique. During their panicked attempt to cover up the murder, the class nerd, Fern Mayo, stumbles upon them. In order to keep Fern quiet Courtney offers to make her popular, and the results are a dark, comical Faustian tale of corruption, redemption and makeover madness!


Rose McGowan
as Courtney Shayne
Rebecca Gayheart
as Julie Freeman
Julie Benz
as Marcie Fox
Judy Greer
as Fern Mayo/Vylette
Chad Christ
as Zack Tartak
Ethan Erickson
as Dane Sanders
Carol Kane
as Miss Sherman
Pam Grier
as Det. Vera Cruz
William Katt
as Mr. Purr
P.J. Soles
as Mrs. Purr
Jeff Conaway
as Marcie's Father
Marilyn Manson
as The Stranger
Kall Harrington
as Superstar No. 1
Alexis Smart
as Superstar No. 2
Lisa Robin Kelly
as Cheerleader No. 2
Michael McClafferty
as College Stud
Alexandra Adl
as Cheerleader No. 1
Joni Allen
as Make-Up Monger No. 1
Vylette Jezel Fagerholm
as Make-Up Monger No. 2
Ann Zupa
as Gothic Girl
Jan Linder
as Customer
Brian Gattas
as Drama Student No. 1
Claudine Claudio
as Drama Student No. 2
Jessica Gaynes
as Wannabe No. 1
Jane Leigh Connelly
as Wannabe No. 2
Tommy McKay
as Officer
Marita Black
as Dreamgirl No. 1
Dan Gerrity
as Dreamperson No. 2
Rebecca Street
as Mom Freeman
Rachel Winfree
as English Teacher
Sophia Abu Jamara
as Biology Teacher
Donna Pieroni
as Cooking Teacher
Rick Lindland
as Auto Stud
Allison Robertson
as The Donnas No. 1
Brett Anderson
as The Donnas No. 2
Maya Ford
as The Donnas No. 3
Torry Castellano
as The Donnas No. 4
Billy Butler
as High School Stud No. 2
Allison Thayer
as Superstar No. 3
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  • Sep 10, 2014
    Clever and fun, Jawbreaker is a dark satire about high school popularity. Three high school girls end up accidentally killing their friend when a birthday prank goes horribly wrong, and after one of their classmates catches them covering it up they buy her silence by promising her popularity and taking her into their clique. The film has a great cast that includes Rose McGowan, Rebecca Gayheart, Julie Benz, and Judy Greer, who all deliver strong performances. And the comedy is fairly well-written, particular the satire of high school life. The soundtrack is also quite good and captures the youthful energy of the characters. However, the directing is kind of weak and some odd choices are made that create some unevenness in the tone. Yet despite a few problems, Jawbreaker is a unique black comedy with an interesting take on the struggles that peer pressure creates.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 01, 2012
    First of all, they are all too old to be high schoolers! The film is a Heathers+Mean Girls+ Clueless extravaganza. Rose McGowan saved the film with her stunning performance as the ring leader of the popular girls at Ronald Reagan high school. The girls were all very stereotypical like which failed to make the film more appealing. The stupid comic sound effects were the worst. Although I appreciate the jokes in the film, the poor production made the film a messy nightmare.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Jun 03, 2012
    dark and biting satire, doesn't push the envelope but definitely attempted to be the successor to heathers. liked it for some reason besides all its flaws.
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Aug 29, 2011
    Just another o-kay movie.
    Dead A Super Reviewer

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