Julie Benz

Julie Benz

Highest Rated: 85% As Good as It Gets (1997)

Lowest Rated: 0% Life on the Line (2016)

Birthday: May 1, 1972

Birthplace: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

While her roots in Italian horror (Two Evil Eyes) and penchant for small-screen fantasy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Taken) may not make actress Julie Benz the most likely candidate for mainstream stardom, the prolific ice skater-turned-onscreen talent has come quite a long way since her early days in community theater and has since become one of the most promising emerging talents in film and television. A native of Pittsburgh and professional ice skater from the age of three, Benz made a name for herself in both singles and ice dancing and was at one point ranked 13th in the United States for her remarkable grace. While professional skating afforded Benz the extraordinary opportunity to travel the U.S. and visit foreign lands, the training needed to maintain one's footing on the ice is rigorous to say the least, and she ceased competitive skating at the age of 16. The daughter of a vascular surgeon, Benz hailed from a long line of doctors and was determined to become the first female medico in her family. Of course, some folks just aren't cut out for a career in medicine, though, and shortly after witnessing her first surgery, Benz realized that she was a bit too squeamish to become a doctor. With her days as a professional skater over and a life behind the scalpel out of the question, the talented teen auditioned for a role in a local community theater production and later connected with New York-based agent Vincent Cirrincione during a local acting seminar. After honing her craft in New York City, Benz set her sights on Los Angeles and never looked back. She also appeared in the horror sequel Saw V, the action film Punisher: War Zone, and the long-anticipated sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.In 1990, Benz made her screen debut under the direction of legendary Italian horror specialist Dario Argento in the "Black Cat" segment of Two Evil Eyes, though it was walk-on roles in such popular television shows as Married With Children, Boy Meets World, and Diagnosis Murder that served to introduce her to stateside viewers. Of course, big-screen appearances in As Good As It Gets and Jawbreaker only helped to increase her profile, but to many fantasy fans, Benz will always be known for her role as malevolent vampire Darla on the hit shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. With additional appearances in the miniseries Taken and and the TV show Roswell (not to mention vocal contributions to the hit video game Halo 2), it seemed that Benz had become something of a sci-fi mainstay, yet the rising star wasn't willing to be pigeonholed just yet and soon began to branch out with appearances on such popular shows as Navy NCIS, CSI, and CSI: Miami, as well. In 2006, Benz settled into her most stable small-screen role to date, playing Rita Bennett -- the emotionally damaged love interest of a Miami Police Department blood-spatter expert...who also happens to be a part-time serial killer -- on the the Golden Globe-nominated Showtime series Dexter. In 2008, she appeared opposite action icon Sylvester Stallone in the belated, bullet-strewn sequel Rambo.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet V.C. Andrews' Heaven Actor 2019
No Score Yet Heaven Kitty 2019
27% Havenhurst Jackie 2017
No Score Yet Christmas Homecoming Amanda 2017
0% Life on the Line Carline 2016
No Score Yet Charming Christmas Meredith Rossman 2015
27% Supremacy Kristen 2015
60% Circle The Wife 2015
No Score Yet Sole Custody Actor 2014
No Score Yet Taken: The Search for Sophie Parker Actor 2013
9% Answers to Nothing Frankie $22.5K 2011
No Score Yet Ricochet Actor 2011
No Score Yet Dallas Actor 2010
No Score Yet Uncorked Actor 2010
23% The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Special Agent Eunice Bloom $10.2M 2009
No Score Yet Bedrooms Anna 2009
29% Punisher: War Zone Angela Donatelli $8M 2008
13% Saw V Brit $56.8M 2008
38% Rambo (Rambo IV) Sarah $42.8M 2008
No Score Yet Tattoos: A Scarred History Actor 2008
No Score Yet Circle of Friends Maggie 2006
No Score Yet Kill Your Darlings Katherine 2006
No Score Yet 8MM 2 Lynn 2005
No Score Yet The Bad Girls From Valley High Danielle 2005
75% Lackawanna Blues Laura 2005
No Score Yet Locusts: The 8th Plague Vicky Snow 2005
No Score Yet The Long Shot: Believe in Courage Annie Garrett 2004
17% George Of The Jungle 2 Ursula Stanhope 2003
63% The Brothers Jesse Caldwell $26.6M 2001
No Score Yet Satan's School for Girls Allison 2000
14% Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th Barbara 2000
11% Jawbreaker Marcie Fox 1999
No Score Yet Dirt Merchant Angie 1999
No Score Yet Darkdrive Actor 1998
85% As Good as It Gets Receptionist 1997
31% Inventing the Abbotts Co-ed 1997
56% Two Evil Eyes Betty 1990


85% On Becoming a God in Central Florida
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Holly Butler 2017
No Score Yet Hawaii Five-0
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No Score Yet Cribs
Appearing 2010
72% Desperate Housewives
Robin 2010
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2010
72% Dexter
Rita Bennett 2010
No Score Yet CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Heidi Wolff 2006
No Score Yet CSI: Miami
Hayley Gordon 2006
93% Supernatural
Layla Roarke 2006
88% Angel
Darla 2004
No Score Yet Steven Spielberg Presents 'Taken'
Kate Keys 2002
No Score Yet Roswell
Topolsky 2001
81% Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Darla 2000
No Score Yet The King of Queens
trainee 1999
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Joplin 1998
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Courtney Shayne says: First we are gonna stuff her pretty face with pancakes,then tie her to the flagpole in her bra and panties and watch the humiliation begin.

Marcie Fox says: she is gonna die (laughs)

Marcie Fox says: She is gonna die (laughs).

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Julie Freeman says: Hi Fern.

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Courtney Shayne says: I don't know a Fern.

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Fern Mayo/Vylette says: My names Vylette.

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Julie Freeman says: What?

Fern Mayo/Vylette says: My names Vylette

Fern Mayo/Vylette says: My names Vylette .

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Courtney Shayne says: Learn it..

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Marcie Fox says: Love it.

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Courtney Shayne says: Love it.

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Brit says: Just stick it in the head, God-dammit!

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