Jungfrukällan (The Virgin Spring) Reviews

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September 24, 2020
Its finest moments are its most self-consciously mythic, when the archness of the performances and the painterly gloom are allowed to attack Big Questions About God.
February 10, 2019
There is too much heavy symbolism and too many stagey groupings, both typical Bergman faults.
January 17, 2019
Overwrought and ineffective...
September 28, 2018
The Virgin Spring is Bergman's murder ballad: Bloody, remorseless, and tragic.
September 27, 2018
A film of terrible beauty.
August 4, 2018
That it's shot like a fairytale forest showcases the glory of God's creations, which are of course marred by the hideousness of men's hearts.
July 8, 2018
Fleshing out the source material, director Ingmar Bergman and writer Ulla Isaksson have created a powerful examination of Old Testament ire coupled with New Testament redemption.
June 7, 2008
Easily lost amid a brilliant career, The Virgin Spring once again shows Bergman's control in capturing the furthest ranges of emotion.
February 14, 2008
Bergman's instinctive approach to filmmaking %u2013 like his gripping use of long wordless moments filled with pictures of great power, is in evidence, with some unforgettable scenes that even today, almost 50 years later, have fresh impact.
December 22, 2006
Masterfully directed by Sweden's Ingmar Bergman.
October 21, 2006
Winner of the Foreign-Language Oscar Picture, the film represents the first peak of Ingmar Bergman's creativity, released right after The Seventh Seal and before Through a Glass Darkly, all three masterpieces.
August 29, 2006
[Auds] will be rewarded by the depth of the director's moral and religious questioning, the emotional power of the story and acting, the haunting and symbolic imagery, and the excellent black-and-white photography of Sven Nykvist.
April 5, 2006
Although the 'jiggery-pokery' does mute the 'actual, horrible story,' Bergman still poses worthy questions, offering no answers, a key difference between art and baloney, or spirituality and dogmatism.
March 18, 2006
It is also a crucial film because it was the first to be shot entirely by Sven Nykvist, who would become Bergman's longtime cinematographer and would be largely responsible for shaping the visual aesthetic of his later works.
February 16, 2006
The master guides us through this heartbreaking tale with a delicate hand and a gorgeous, poetic touch. It's actually one of his simplest and most moving works -- a film to be savored and pondered.
Top Critic
January 26, 2006
Sven Nykvist's luminous black-and-white photography conspiring with the austerity of Bergman's imagery to create an extraordinary metaphysical charge.
January 23, 2006
Represents the primary nexus between Bergman's austere but accessibly recherché works of the 1950s and his downright ascetic 1960s cinema.
May 9, 2005
It is far from an easy picture to watch or entirely commend. For Mr. Bergman has stocked it with scenes of brutality that, for sheer unrestrained realism, may leave one sickened and stunned.
June 9, 2004
Brutal and miraculous.
December 5, 2003
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