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April 25, 2017
Top notch creature thriller from the dawn of CGI ? when top notch directors were still getting it right. It resorts to cliché with fair regularity, but even today the rest is fresh enough to be forgiven. Stands as a reminder that no matter how far a franchise property descends, it probably started somewhere worth revisiting.
April 23, 2017
This "classic" movie is nothing spectacular at all. It's not very entertaining to watch at all, atleast not in this more modern era where good special effects are the norm unlike in the past. The dinosaurs' were cool to see at first but it gets old fast. The plot is interesting but very predictable. The characters were very bland but I expected that in a movie like this. I was probably the last person on Earth to see this movie but I honestly had no interest going in to it and pretty much forced myself to watch it since it's a movie everyone's seen but me. Overall, imo the movie was pretty damn boring with some exciting scenes with the dinosaurs. But maybe I just have to watch it again idk. FYI, Samuel L. Jackson was probably the best part of this movie.
April 15, 2017
This movie made me love dinosaurs. It's very good!
½ April 14, 2017
I remember watching this movie on a portable DVD player while I was camping as a kid, whenever I watch this classic film I always get some euphoric memories. Although it's constantly said, Jurassic Park truly is a timeless movie, there's no doubt I'll end up watching it again.
April 13, 2017
Ground breaking movie, the best one for adventure movie slovers
½ April 9, 2017
Thrilling, and a masterpiece. A tiny, tiny bit overrated though.
½ April 7, 2017
A well-constructed popcorn flick with characters with personalities. It has its heart and mind in the right place, no wonder this film is a modern classic!
½ April 6, 2017
An absolute marvel of cinema with fantastic special effects and a wonderfully simple yet enthralling story. Jurassic Park is always a blast to watch, and everything cgi-wise still holds up extremely well today. One of the best aspects is the film's ability to have a normal happy scene turn into absolute horror in a second, gluing your eyes to the screen the entire way through.
April 6, 2017
My favourite childhood film, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that. A fantastic example of how to use special effects. A true hollywood blockbuster.
April 6, 2017
A movie where seeing a dinosaur is no big deal. I'm reviewing the movie Jurassic Park, and it's a very well thought out movie. Jurassic Park was filmed on the island of Kauai, which makes a lot of sense because the movie has beautiful scenes. The graphics of the movie are so stunning. They have a great story line full of exciting action, and even a few scares to keep you on your toes. Jurassic Park does a great job of creating an awesome story of an attraction park that turns into a survival movie. This movie is visually phenomenal. They make everything look so real. The main actors are Richard Attenborough, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, Wayne Knight, Ariana Richards, Joseph Mazzello. Jurassic Park is supposed to be an attraction park on an island that lets tourists come and see all these exhibits that are full of various dinosaurs. The park did a trial run with a few tourists and during that trial run one of the researchers turned off the security fences to all the exhibits. When that happened, different dinosaurs got out of there exhibit, and started raving havoc all over the park. The tourists get stranded out in the park and must survive against the elements and all the predatory dinosaurs out to get them. Although not every dinosaur in the park was deadly and carnivores. The film also showed a lot of gentle giants that just eat plants.
½ April 4, 2017
This film has everything. Action, tense scenes, great acting, and great cgi. Despite being made over 20 years ago, the dinosaurs still look better then much of today's cgi. The plot is about a group of people going to an island with live dinosaurs. But some of the workers are trying to smuggle embryos off the island and they turn off the power releasing all the dinosaurs. The survivors then have to make it off the island before they get killed. This movie has dozens of memorable scenes which are too many to name all of them but the most memorable for me is when we first see the T-Rex destroy the car. The movie actually explains why the dinosaurs exist and it explains how they made them. Even though this can't happen in reality, it's always impressive for sci-fi films to have the plot have believable elements. Realism isn't necessary but it does make them more interesting to me. The 2nd and 3rd movies weren't that good compared to this one but "Jurassic World" might be the one that brings back the charm of the original one. This is an outstanding movie and every sci-fi fan needs to see this.
April 2, 2017
Jurassic Park, is a really spectacular movie that will be another one of my favorites! Also, has great performances and the Dinosaurs look absolutely amazing, definitely worth watching!
½ March 29, 2017
Still the best dinosaur movie ever made(King Kong and Godzilla movies don't count)The plot the acting Samuel Jackson with a cameo plus Dinosaurs what more can you want plus Newman gets killed.
March 25, 2017
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March 20, 2017
Not as good as the novel on which it's based, but still one of my favourites from my childhood. Still to this day has the best CGI effects in any film.
March 19, 2017
I still remember seeing this in the theater almost 25 years ago. Loved it then and still love it today.
March 17, 2017
While this movie is a little overrated, people like it for a reason. I certainly did. The acting, special effects, and story are all magnificent.
March 15, 2017
This is just a pure classic. The special effects were great for it's time and still look pretty good for today's standards. This movie was the spawn of three sequels and a fourth sequel coming soon. Jurassic Park introduced something new and was fresh. The suspense was great and pretty much turned this sci-fi action movie into a thriller at some parts. Unlike the two sequels to come, this movie was the scariest. The plot was really good and made sense and clearly was written better and not written to just make money. Yes, the movie is full of eye candy but that brings up the movie even more because it would be good even if it had the effects of jaws. The special effects just make the movie even better than it would've been. Overall this is just a great movie that anyone could like in one way or another. A+
March 8, 2017
It's hard to dislike a film that's about dinosaurs especially if it's "Jurassic Park". With top notch special effects, loving characters, and a story to keep you on the edge of your seat, Steven Spielberg makes yet another masterpiece that will keep audiences eyes glued to the screen.
March 8, 2017
The best part is limited CGI! Great practical techniques!
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