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February 15, 2019
I LIKED: The characters, the story and the action.
I HATED: Danny Elfman's unnoticeable score, the bad CGI, and the way the movie was mutilated with so many scenes out of the final cut.
February 14, 2019
even tho i got spoiled from this movie, i know how trash this movie is. this movie caused me 2 hate on DC universe 4 making this.
February 14, 2019
not good, but not terrible, either. just, meh. it emanates a B movie feel definitely, but the acting is good, steppenwolf is bad, cyborg is good, the flash is unfunny, oh the movie is over. it's an experience that you don't even need to see.
February 12, 2019
Is it a good film? No, not really. The villain is forgettable, the writing is horrendous, and it seems they tried to fit too much tones and ideas into one film. Despite all this, it is a fun film which I think many will enjoy if they just sit back and turn their brain off for a good 2 hours. I give Justice League a C-
February 9, 2019
The league of super heroes is there to bring back superman, basically. Good production funny at times and bizarre at times. This is getting crazier and crazier with always more and more power. I miss Star Trek with its themes.
½ February 5, 2019
A disappointing movie, but not a bad one. Justice league manages to make likable characters that you have fun watching even if you aren't able to fully appreciate the fact that all of these characters are in the same movie. This movie was rushed, and you can tell after watching Aqua-man. Aqua-man actually made Justice league better. You get to see Aqua-man's powers explored along with strong character development. That is what Justice league needed because you spend to much time getting to like the characters, and finding out what they can do rather than already liking them, and knowing who they are and what they can do, and there is not a lot of time with these characters in this movie to begin with, only a mere 2 hours ten minutes of which is the end credits. Justice league also suffers from a divided tone. It is clear that there were two different directors with two different visions of this film. The first two thirds of this film give a glimpse of what this movie could have been with some hints of Josh Weadon's vision, but over all was still Zack Snyder's movie then the third act comes, and you realize how much potential was lost in this film. This movie also needed the many scenes that were removed, and we know they exist due to the trialers. This movie was enjoyable, but not all that we should have gotten.
February 4, 2019
This is not a bad film, like The Emoji Movie bad, it's a fun movie that brought the JLA together. The performances were really good, especially Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash, almost everything out of his mouth is hilarious. Though I admit there are a few bad things in this movie, I thought Superman's return from the dead was kind of anti-climatic and deus ex machina, and the movie occasionally struggles to add the Zack Snyder aesthetic in the more fun tone in the film. Really the main problem as to why this film and the darker and more convoluted BvS: Dawn of Justice Theatrical Edition both failed is because of one thing: studio interference. Zack Snyder left post-production of this movie because of a family tragedy and the studio brought in Joss Whedon (writer and director of this movie's rival The Avengers and it's first sequel) to supervise post-production, but at the same time they also ordered re-writes and reshoots to make the film more upbeat than Snyder's original vision (which I thought would have been really good) and Snyder received sole director's credit. The same thing with the Theatrical Edition of BvS, the studio ordered random cuts of that movie, regardless of how important they were to the story, and the Ultimate Edition was the version it was supposed to be before it started.
½ February 1, 2019
This was a pretty bad movie. Miles better than Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, but worse than Man of Steel. Justice League is the third worst DCEU film. Justice League was the worst DC film and worst comic book movie of 2017. Justice League was the most disappointing film of 2017 (not the worst cause it's totally far from the worst, just the most disappointing). There were at least some good things I liked about this movie, but sadly the negatives outweigh the positives. I liked some of the action scenes. I liked the bank robbery scene at the beginning and I liked the part where Superman showed up in the third act and defeated Steppenwolf. In that final battle scene in the third act, he was actually fortunately felt like the classic comic book Superman perfectly portrayed by Christopher Reeve. So that thankfully means no more mopey, gloomy, emo, depressed Superman anymore. At the end of the movie, we finally got the colorful, jolly Superman we all wanted in the DCEU since Man of Steel (even if it was just for a while in the end of the final act and in the resolution). Another thing I liked about this film was Aquaman's "cool guy entrance" when he was first introduced into the film. I liked Joe Morton as Victor Stone's (a.k.a. Cyborg) dad. He was perfectly cast in that role. That role was definitely made for him (even if it was just a small role). I thought at least some of the humor was amusing. Now the negatives.... Batman gave away his identity to the other members of the Justice League. So now Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg all know him as Bruce Wayne. That ruins his character, because the Batman I grew up with from the source material, comics, and Justice League animated series never trusted anyone (other than his butler Alfred). He never gave his identity away to the others members of the Justice League in the comics and shows. Batman is supposed to have trust issues. In this movie, he very easily and intentionally gave away his identity to Diana Prince, Arthur Curry, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone. That automatically ruins the character of Batman. Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman bitches about her old dead boyfriend, Steve Trevor, too much in this film. Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash was too comedic and kept cracking jokes. Barry Allen is supposed to be the serious and emotional Flash, not the humorous wise-cracking Flash. Wally West is supposed to be the humorous, funny, wise-cracking Flash. In fact, Wally West is supposed to be the Justice League Flash, not Barry Allen. The movie got it all wrong. Oh, and we should've gotten a Flash solo movie before Justice League so he could've gotten much better character development. We the audience barely got to connect with him in this movie cause we barely knew him in this film. Now, Aquaman....I personally feel that Jason Momoa should've played Lobo instead of Aquaman. Speaking of which, Aquaman should've gotten his own solo movie before Justice League. We barely got to know him in this movie and he had very little character development. Cyborg should have been first established in a DCEU Teen Titans movie or in his own DCEU solo movie before being in a Justice League movie. We barely got to know him in this movie, so he had poor character development. The amount of terrible CGI in this movie was ridiculous. Some scenes in the movie even kind of looked like a video game because of the overuse of CGI in which the visuals looked terrible. The villain, Steppenwolf, was a very forgettable villain, disappointing, and wasted super villain. His motivation was questionable and nonexistent. I also felt that there was a lack of chemistry with the cast and characters in the movie. The DCEU probably needs a reboot. The DCEU is a trainwreck and a big mess. Wonder Woman is still the only good DCEU film. Justice League had a lot of potential, but it was sadly wasted. Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment shouldn't have rushed to play catch-up with Marvel Studios/Marvel Entertainment. I feel like DC needs their own studio. They need their own version of Marvel Studios called "DC Studios". Warner Bros. is just ruining DC's live-action movie rep on the big screen.

Rating: 4.2/10
½ February 1, 2019
Hate this movie !!!!
½ January 31, 2019
Oof, its like they tried to have with all of the humor in the marvel movies but were so off. Look, Justice League introduced us to three new characters in the movie. Which is exactly the problem, the movie is only about an hour and 45 mins. The movie has very little backstory on the characters. And it has alot of plot holes. Also SPOILER- superman comes back in the dumbest way. Like they literally bring him back to life. Stupid-stupid-stupid movie, dont waste your time.
½ January 31, 2019
Tragically a flop, if only the villian had an ounce of personality it would have made for a decent film. There are bright spots though mainly Ezra Miller as the flash. His skillfully hilarious performance largely carries the film. Though the other justice leaguers show up the pale boring villian drives the movies lack of purpose.
½ January 31, 2019
The movie came a bit too early in this developing franchise. However, the strong acting, story of redemption, amazing CGI make it a very enjoyable movie
January 31, 2019
Normally I am a DC Fanboy but this was quite atrocious. While the acting was good (barring the mustache scene), the plot was butchered. Perhaps the Snyder version will bring this movie to "justice".
½ January 31, 2019
Enjoyed the film, but the overall tone should've been darker. Needed more danger.
January 31, 2019
A film that feels like it would have made a better Saturday morning cartoon than the first live action version of the Justice League.
January 31, 2019
The Justice League was definitely flawed but it wasn´┐ 1/2(TM)t completely crippled by the half baked jokes and fight scenes in the end I walked away understanding why it had low reviews but I still have no problem saying that I enjoyed The Justice League.
½ January 28, 2019
Justice League experiences all of the usual DC pitfalls and more. To name a few: underdeveloped characters, a nonsensical narrative, nauseating visuals, and confused tone. Speaking of visuals, the majority of this film is CGI, with actual sets feeling out of place. Even Superman's upper lip couldn't escape the CGI treatment. The story makes no sense, with a generic doomsday plot and not one, or two, but THREE MacGuffin devices. Additionally, all of the characters (and their jokes) are flat and boring.
I truly do not understand why people thought this mess was good.
At least it was better than Batman v Superman.
January 23, 2019
I am depressed. I was so excited about watching this movie and this is how it turns out to be.
½ January 21, 2019
Horrible, horrible movie do not even understand why anyone likes it. Honestly I agree more with the critics. But I think it doesnt even deserve that many rotten tomatoes
½ January 19, 2019
Justice League is fun. Some CGI flaws and the dialogue are really the only things holding this movie back
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