Le passé (The Past) Reviews

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January 1, 2018
No one wins in this ambiguous, accomplished film, which ends by burdening the audience with a secret that none of the characters will ever know.
March 27, 2014
Tahar Rahim and Brnice Bejo are on top form in this immaculate study of marital disharmony.
March 25, 2014
In the end, so much of The Past just doesn't have that crucial ring of truth to it. Disappointing and underwhelming.
February 13, 2014
Farhadi has pulled off the dysfunctional family mystery trick twice now, brilliantly, and perhaps three times in a row would be too much. But it's doubtful he will leave behind the fertile ground of family ties and modern messiness. He sees so much there.
February 7, 2014
"The Past" is long and occasionally feels slow - as real life sometimes does - but never false.
January 30, 2014
Farhadi is the rare director who can establish an atmosphere of intimacy that resonates with meaning and sentiment.
January 24, 2014
What a teller of domestic truths Asghar Farhadi has become.
January 24, 2014
The Past is about people who wish they could erase what came before and just live in the now, but life doesn't let anyone off the hook that easily.
January 24, 2014
Farhadi proves again that he can craft a domestic drama that has all the tension of a thriller.
January 24, 2014
A thickly knotted and compelling tale, set in an unglamorous, working-class Paris, it churns with complex emotions, suspense, guilt, and regret.
January 23, 2014
Farhadi works like a master poker player, carefully revealing his cards and building tension with each new bit of information.
January 23, 2014
Farhadi again burrows deep into his characters to tell an achingly intimate story, spinning grand tragedies out of minor lives in which the past lingers in the air, a perfume that haunts long after its wearer has left the room.
January 17, 2014
Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi creates detailed characters in distinctive circumstances, bypassing script cliches of domestic tension.
January 16, 2014
While not as powerful as [A Separation] ,The Past nevertheless is a fascinating, slow-burn depiction of a relationship in crisis.
January 9, 2014
An impeccable work that moves forward steadily and without much dynamic modulation, it's a movie not for people who want to escape the world but for those who want to understand it better.
January 9, 2014
"The Past" has something important and powerful to say about the past. It doesn't shape or haunt the present. In a sense, Farhadi suggests, they exist alongside each other.
January 9, 2014
Even with a bit of dramaturgical clunkiness "The Past" is fluid, intimate cinema.
January 8, 2014
A wrenchingly intimate tale of lives torn asunder by forces within and without them.
January 3, 2014
The emotional stakes are large-scale, and Farhadi honors them by delving into their intricacies. All the characters in this movie, including Marie's sullen eldest teenage daughter (beautifully played by Pauline Burlet), are given their due.
December 27, 2013
"The Past" makes conventional movies feel artificial. Watching the characters interact in this movie feels like "Here is real life," and real life just happens to be strangely compelling.
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