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November 10, 2015
The movie seems utterly and sincerely well-intentioned -- which is why what happens in it is so jaw-dropping.
April 24, 2015
Despite boasting several important moral lessons, the period piece is more artificial than a polyester teddy bear stuffed with Splenda and Cheez Whiz - and about as appealing
April 24, 2015
It's meant to be a tale of uplift for faith-based audiences, but instead wears viewers down with a heavy-handed narrative, an overbearing score and voiceover that spells out everything in cringe-inducing, folksy tones.
April 23, 2015
Tolerance, World War II history and faith are served up with a sticky sentimental gloss in the family film "Little Boy."
April 23, 2015
A movie that has the haranguing inspirational tone of a marathon Sunday-school lesson.
April 23, 2015
I just wish the filmmakers didn't feel like they had to hit us over the head with all the moral pontificating to get their point across.
March 14, 2019
At best, the film's messaging is outdated; at worst, it's insensitive and difficult to bear.
March 16, 2018
While the story has some logical (not to mention theological) inconsistencies, it is well-paced, well-produced, and very well acted.
August 11, 2017
Unfortunately, while [Little Boy] may make you shed a tear at the end, it's for all the wrong reasons.
September 20, 2016
I need to take a shower.
April 11, 2016
The audience at which Little Boy is aimed will have no problem assimilating the film's themes of faith and miracles. But there's also plenty to admire here for those less inclined to buy into the filmmakers' worldview.
March 9, 2016
A shamefully miscalculated tale of whimsy and come-to-Jesus inspiration with a bizarrely inappropriate haze of Norman Rockwell-esque nostalgia.
November 5, 2015
The twists and turns may feel a little forced, and a few moments might even be shocking. But Little Boy squeezes the most it can from a quality cast and the best of intentions.
September 2, 2015
While its religious context may prove off putting for some viewers, it's a heart-warming tear jerker for the family, or those who just want to see a boy fight for his dad to come home.
May 30, 2015
The movie lumbers on for 100 minutes with hardly a believable frame to show for it.
May 26, 2015
It's a film made for a family audience, aimed at children but good enough for grown-ups to enjoy. [full review in Spanish]
May 1, 2015
Any reasonable chance to become poignant or profound is squandered by an approach that tries so hard to yank at the heartstrings that it unintentionally feels more cynical than uplifting.
April 30, 2015
For all its unsubtle sentimentality, it remains unclear whether Little Boy intends to celebrate the conviction of belief or to mock it.
April 30, 2015
A small film that stands tall in the field of family entertainment.
April 26, 2015
Filmmakers have been manipulating moviegoers' emotions since the beginning of this art form. However, rarely has one film been so patently blatant in those efforts than "Little Boy".
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