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A wealthy couple attempts to give back to their community by handing out giant lollipops to the local homeless population in the mockumentary-style directorial debut of The Office star Jenna Fischer. On the surface, James and Jenna (real-life husband and wife team James Gunn and Jenna Fischer) couldn't be more charitable, but a closer look at their newfound philanthropy points to a more self-serving motivation. Beneath their shallow veneer, all James and Jenna care about is using their preposterous new charity to mix in with the jet set and keep themselves in the public eye. As desperate James attempts to get his mediocre art to the masses by using it to wrap the lollipops and self-absorbed Jenna tries to land the funding needed to drive her outlandish endeavor, the would-be charitable couple's inherent inability to truly connect with those who they claim to be helping grows increasingly obvious to everyone except themselves.


Joan Blair
as Kathy Rohl
Lloyd Kaufman
as Father Lloyd
Christo Garcia
as Mike Tanaki
TeeJay Boyce
as Ch. 7 Reporter
Shaka Taylor
as Offended Businessman
Robert D'Avanzo
as Flirting Homeless Man
Bill McCormack
as Spitting Homeless Man
Len Kraus S.J.
as Marrying Priest
Joe Fria
as Lawsuit Guy
Anne Hovad Fischer
as Jenna's Mom
Troy DeVolld
as Photographer
Stephen Blackehart
as Ch. 7 Cameraman
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Critic Reviews for LolliLove

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Audience Reviews for LolliLove

  • Oct 14, 2010
    This was kind of strange, but funny. I actually thought I was putting on a movie. It turned out to be a fake documentary about a weird yuppie couple. They came up with the idea of helping the homeless by giving them special packaged lollipops that would give the homeless a new outlook on life. This whole thing is based on this couple being very serious about how they actually think they are helping them. Watch it with an open mind, and know that it is supposed to be funny....and strange....and not at all real.
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2010
    "That the lollipops of Lollilove may propel homeless people to going out and do something good with their lives. Feeling good about themselves. Perhaps getting a job. Maybe using birth control." Lollilove is a pretty funny flick, but in a very dark way. Jenna Fischer must have quite the black sense of humor to write something like this, because many of the jokes cross the "politically correct" line in a way that you'd expect from Sarah Silverman, not from the angel-faced woman that so many people have become fans of because of The Office. This mockumentary follows a vapid, shallow, wealthy couple (played by Jenna and her ex-husband), who feed their own vanity by coming up with an absurd scheme to help the founding a charity named Lollilove. A charity that aims to inspire and help those living on the streets by giving them a lollipop every week. Lollipops with (supposedly) life-changing artwork and slogans written on custom (and very expensive) wrappers. The story follows them trying to procure a corporate sponsor and funding to get their "charity" up and running, and then we see them and a few of their friends put their plan into action. The relationship of the couple also gets tested by the strain of their efforts, and starts to deteriorate as Lollilove comes together. As I said, this is a pretty dark comedy. You have to have a specific sense of humor to "get" it. When the jokes work, they work very well (the homeless man that confronts Jenna with his..."desires" near the end left my side hurting from laughing), but there are also some that fall flat. Still, for such a low budget production, I though Lollilove was fairly impressive. At the very least, fans of Fischer should check it out.
    Lewis C Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2009
    Mockumertary about two wealthy well-meaning beautiful people doing good for the homeless with lollipops. Three & a half stars because It made me giggle.
    Lesley N Super Reviewer
  • Aug 01, 2009
    It's been in my stack of unseen films for a long time and I don't know why, but it took me a very long time before I finally watched it. Now I see it as if I've been missing out. Jenna Fischer's debut as a director is a spot on mockumentary about a married couple trying to make a differnce in society trough suckers wrapped in art. This is a Troma Production film, but don't expect the usual. There are no mutated gym cleaners or police officers dressed as kabuki vigilantes. This might be something for the fans of Christopher Guest's films. An extra 1/2 star for the acting.
    The M Super Reviewer

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