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½ February 25, 2018
já assisti. Forte! Daqueles filmes que a gente termina e se sente mal. Queria classificá-lo mas o rotten tomatoes não dá essa opção :( lixo de site.
February 19, 2018
THE POLITICS OF LOVELESSNESS: Andrey Zvyagintsev "Loveless" creates a dystopian, almost science-fictional, world that critics describe as an indictment of Putin's Russia. The characters have no love but they can exhibit strong emotions; they are unmoved by the world around them but have strong regrets about their past; and, they come on screen through dark shadows and shades. They pass through sterile parking lots, dilapidated builidings, Walmart-like stores and grocery chains, and monotonous high-rise towers. Even the snow on streams is lifeless -- it prononounces nothing, not even an aesthetic. There is full summer light in a few scenes but it doesn't illuminate anything. People have religion but its creeed is empty.
This film is hauntingly original, its intensity hard to pin upon a style. This disturbing vision of Putin's Russian could be Trump's Alabama. But the Western critics will have none of that.
Loveless pronounces the end of politics. You will need a long cold shower to wake up.
The only hope are the brief scenes with the two little children at the beginning and end of the film -- crying silently or uncontrollably because the adult world will not have them. Zvyagnitsev is oddly sentimental and these scenes bring forth his humanity.
February 17, 2018
Loveless catch my heart, and still feel bad for Alexia
February 16, 2018
Loveless puts the P back into pretentiousness. Honestly, this film might have worked if it spared us half the time it uses to drill a fruitless search for a lost child instead of painfully laying out the details of searching forests, calling out, organizing the protocols for the volunteers, and on and on. Is this a metaphor for searching for love? Is this a damning indictment of modern Russian society, or just a pathetic story of selfishness? Even the "beautiful cinematography" just works against the bleakness of the storyline. But the real bummer is the time invested in a film that pretty much shows its emotional cards in the first five minutes and then just rubs it in your face with a very thin veneer of mystery and absolutely no connection with any of the characters, not even the missing boy who is a cipher to the audience in much the same way he is to his parents. Oh boy, bleak!! Overrated.
February 16, 2018
Loveless adds another chapter to Andrey Zvyagintsev's striking filmography with a heavy-handed portrait of a family in crisis.
February 16, 2018
Now this is a good movie. Not easy... but thought provoking.
February 15, 2018
Another really depressing foreign film. This one is about a Russian family where the parents are getting divorced and they ignore the kid and dont even notice he has disappeared until he's been gone for two days... they spend the rest of the film looking for him... sad and depressing.
February 1, 2018
Andrey Zvyaginstev's latest masterpiece is a fantastic story with an excellently portrayed political back-drop. Too often are so-called 'political' films overtly preachy, and downright disrespectful to civil discussion. Not Nelyubov however. Commentary on modern life in Russia is used as a setting, and the story would be fantastic no matter where it would take place. All performances are stellar, including the child actor, which was a nice surprise. It was also intriguing to see deep flaws in both of our leads. Loveless really is an accurate title, as these two, particularly the female, are the exact opposite of loving. The great performances don't end at those three, however; the supporting cast also flesh out their characters as if they could have their own film. The score, particularly the beginning and end of it, is deeply powerful. It sounds like something you would run to. Each frame is beautiful, both in its composition and in its contents. Andrey has a great eye for the weather, and for colours. An internal view in Moscow shows it not to be the iron city the majority think, but rather a perfectly regular urban centre, with rising apartments and maintained woodlands. As I said, the story is wonderful. Each piece of information hits harder than the last, building up to a tension that would break buildings apart. A wonderful film, from a wonderful team. 5 Stars
January 24, 2018
If this has a story they unfortunately lost me with "strong sexuality, graphic nudity, language and a brief disturbing image."
January 23, 2018
Loveless is an awfully depressing, cold and hopeless film for better and for worse. Some of the scenes in the second half aren't as riveting and the film might be too cold with too unlikable characters who are such horrible people who make this viewing experience rather difficult. However, that is also the point here and that ending in particular showcases hauntingly well how cold this world is. The cinematography is terrific as is its chilly mood, the performances are excellent and the direction from Andrey Zvyagintsev is superb. It is a very good film, but not as great as his previous film.
January 7, 2018
A slow movie about a child deserted by parents who keep looking for love elsewhere. The shots of deserted rooms and buildings set a sombre tone which assures thought-provoking, if not entertaining, two hours.
½ January 6, 2018
A director a one of a kind. This films leaves you wondering where this world is heading to. Based on a story it lifts up the film to a more global view of the emotional detatchments this world is heading to.
½ December 30, 2017
Frío como la nieve en rusia, como el individualismo de hoy en día y el yoísmo desinteresados por otros ....
December 29, 2017
Very intense, but incredibly acted and directed.
November 29, 2017
Brilliant. One can really feel destitute air of lovelessness, indifference and alienation. Cold and gray.
October 27, 2017
What a superb movie. It was like reading a novel.
October 15, 2017
The plot keeps you hooked as you want to know what happens to the boy but the boy's story is a red herring. It's about people whose life looks OK on the outside, who seem to possess all externally visible attributes of happiness as seen on smiley selfies posted on facebook and yet...Do not believe this story is Russian as some critics say, it's simply human.
½ September 24, 2017
Loveless is redelijk zinloos als een rauw familiedrama waarin het conflict van een vermist kind centraal moet staan, waarin de lange shots waarin niks gebeurt maar zelden echt onder je huid kruipen, en je vooral verbijsterd en verveeld erbij doen voelen.
July 1, 2017
When and where in Los Angeles I can watch this movie ?
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