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½ June 9, 2016
Pretty boring film. Some funny moments and a bit of heart but nothing worth watching really.
December 29, 2015
Great to see Billy Connolly looking so young, so well and so handsome!
October 14, 2015
This gives you the good old vibes of a comedy set in the 90s. It's not shot extremely well as it feels quite amateurish but it's got heart. Billy Connelly does what he does best in making you laugh and this soon becomes a very good court room comedy. The story is as charming as its characters and provides some clever references even if it never elevates to another level. The movie ends just as it becomes to out stay its welcome, the ending could have been more satisfying but by that point it's done its job in making you laugh. This light hearted and uplifting British comedy is well worth a watch when your down.
Super Reviewer
October 6, 2014
The concept is not used efficiently enough.
April 17, 2014
Good learning movie good education
December 29, 2013
Highly entertaining and highly recommended.
July 30, 2013
Watched this because I'm a massive Billy Connolly fan but this has ended up being one of my favourite Aussie films.
May 26, 2013
Classic Billy Connolly!
April 22, 2013
Very good... Though different from hindi OMG.
December 7, 2012
Brilliant, funny film. Billy is hilarious, really, he makes me laugh.
November 21, 2012
For me, this is less of a comedy and more of a morality tale about how and why insurance companies shouldn't use God as an excuse to not give insurance money for accidents caused by natural disasters. Otherwise, it's really nothing special, with mediocre characters and presentation, and I don't think it was really funny. The premise of the movie is the only thing justifying the three-star rating. It really is mediocre otherwise.
November 18, 2012
it was ok but I don't think I'll watch it again, it was watchable but I don't want it on DVD, it starred Billy Connolly, Judy Davis and Emily Browning, It was ok but don't want to see it again, expected better
August 28, 2012
Its all about Billy Connolly's charm and the movie excel because of it. He's simply terrific.
May 18, 2012
"it's a sign! a miracle! a winged messenger! IT'S A F**KING COCKATOO!"
April 8, 2012
Now i dont like billy but i have to admit this film had a good storey line. i was suprised that i liked it and saw the truth in what insurers do so they dont have to pay.
February 21, 2012
Great stuff, check it.
February 8, 2012
great idea for a movie. it was sweet, smart and funny. very likable film
December 18, 2011
I find the film to be a wanna-be-big comedy hit.
I also find it to have too much swearing on Billy Conolly's behalf.
There is a good concept for a potential debated cause and if it had a better director then it could be a very funny and big hit movie.
November 24, 2011
kalo bukan gara2 ada tugas kuliah bhs. Inggirs, mungkin ga akan pernah q lihat film ni. Kisah seorang mantan pengacara yang tidak dapat mengklain kerugiannya akibat kapalnya tersambar petir. Pihak ansuransi tidak mau membayar kerugiannya karena yang terjadi pada kapalnya adalah "Ulah Tuhan". Makanya dia langsung menuntut Tuhan di pengadilan Australia.
[Unesa, Surabaya]
½ August 24, 2011
Not good, ending is a huge cringefest
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