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A high-school student accidentally discovers a strange device in a military dump, and he submits the contraption as a last-minute science project -- unaware that it's actually an alien time machine with the power to destroy the world. When he activates the device at the science fair, chaos ensues.


Dennis Hopper
as Bob Roberts
John Stockwell
as Michael Harlan
Fisher Stevens
as Vince Latello
Barry Corbin
as Lew Harlan
Richard Masur
as Detective Isadore Nulty
Jaime Alba
as Jock #3
Beau Dremann
as Matusky
John Vidor
as Jock No. 1
Pat Simmons
as Crystal
Robert Beer
as President Eisenhower
John Carter
as General
Cameron Young
as General's Aide
Noel Conlon
as Secret Service Agent
Elven Havard
as Fireman
Jack O'Leary
as Sentry at Air Force Guardhouse
Robert DoQui
as Desk Sergeant
Robin Allyn
as Ellie's Friend
Pamela Springsteen
as Hall Monitor, Ellie's Friend
Linda Hoy
as Librarian
Clare Peck
as Policewoman
Ann Culotta
as Trucker's Wife
Hank Calia
as Neanderthal Man
Scott Bailey Spangler
as Guard at Air Force Guardhouse
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Audience Reviews for My Science Project

  • Oct 16, 2016
    Not the greatest movie. Dennis Hopper was the best part.
    Brandon S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 09, 2013
    Normally I love cheesy 80s movies, but this film just more boring than cheesy to me. Only the adult cast was made up of memorable actors, and that's not a good sign in a teen flick. The story is like a nerd's day dream, and not a very funny one at that. There are some good scenes, and a few laughs here and there, but nothing memorable. I can barely remember this film as I'm writing this, so excuse me if I get something wrong. This was a so-so attempt at a time traveling teenage movie. With so many other great movies in that category, though, this one doesn't shine through.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Dec 18, 2009
    They must NOT destroy the world.
    Wahida K Super Reviewer
  • Aug 30, 2008
    i remebering seeing this movie when i was a kid i thought it was a horror movie but its Science Fiction god i used to hate this movie its boring but some parts were really cool but anways its about Faced with not graduating unless he completes his science project, a high school gear-head sneaks into a nearby Air Force base, looking for some gizmo he can pass off as his own invention. What he finds is an alien energy device that rips holes in both time and space, infesting the school with everything from dinosaurs to the Viet Cong. Writer-director Jonathan Betuel tries to mine some of the same veins as Weird Science and Real Genius (all three films were released in 1985) but with less success--mostly due to a slapdash script. The film veers from being The Breakfast Club to WarGames to Rambo, leaping over plot holes all the way. As the hero, John Stockwell is too low-key for his own good, but Danielle Von Zerneck is appealing as his emerging love interest, and Fisher Stevens and Raphael Sbarge do their best to inject some life into the material. Dennis Hopper (as a hippie-dippie science teacher) chews the scenary with gusto--and at one point shows up wearing the costume he wore in Easy Rider. so if you havent seen it then you may not want to
    †HorrorFan† . Super Reviewer

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