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A man from the future fights to survive in a society thrown back to the dark ages in this sci-fi adventure set in 2022. Capt. Robbins (Ray Liotta) is a military man who, after he's convicted of the murder of his superior officer, is sentenced to a high-tech prison ruled by the Warden (Michael Lerner), a cruel taskmaster who enjoys torturing his inmates. After a scuffle with the Warden, Robbins is transferred to a primitive island penal colony known as Absalom, where the civilization is dominated by two groups, the Insiders, a peaceful tribe led by the Father (Lance Henriksen), and the Outsiders, a pack of violent misfits led by Marek (Stuart Wilson). Robbins runs afoul of the Outsiders and is injured in a skirmish; he escapes to the Insiders' camp, where he plots his revenge. No Escape was based on the novel The Penal Colony by Richard Herley.


Ray Liotta
as Robbins
Ernie Hudson
as Hawkins
Tom Laughlin
as Killian
David Argue
as Cellmate
Stephen Shanahan
as Screaming Inmate
Justin Monjo
as 1st Technician
Brandon Burke
as 2nd Technician
Scott Lowe
as Skinhead
Colin Moody
as 2nd Outsider
Richard Carter
as Sleeping Sentry
Boris Brkic
as 1st Hotel Guard
David Wenham
as 2nd Hotel Guard
Vic Wilson
as Military Officer
Chris Hargreaves
as Prison Guard
Jim Richards
as Executioner
Wilfred Woodrow
as Bola Thrower
Greg Robinson
as Spiked Log Tree Man
Paul Witton
as Knife Thrower
Steven Spinaze
as Chopper Co-Pilot
Serge Dekin
as Chopper Pilot
Ric Herbert
as Insider
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  • Aug 06, 2012
    I found this to be a guilty pleasure and an interesting idea. Ray Liotta is one actor who deserved more attention and he is well cast in a very rare action role. There is a solid cast here and a strong minded filmmaker who would go on to craft two of the best Bond films. I only wish I could've seen this on the big screen on release as it is one of those films that are rare and full of ambitious ideas. Not for everyone, but it was a slightly updated take on Fortress and as luck would have it, I watched it a day before. 07/10/2019
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Sep 27, 2011
    No Escape, released in some territories as Escape from Absolom is a 1994 action/science fiction film shot in Queensland starring Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen, Stuart Wilson and Kevin Dillon. It is the story of a former American Marine serving life imprisonment on an island inhabited by savage and cannibalistic prisoners for killing his commanding officer, the commandant of a Benghazi (Libya) military base, in 2011. The movie was directed by Martin Campbell, and was based on 1987's The Penal Colony by Richard Herley. In the 21st century (film taking place in 2022), the penal system is now run by corporations, with prisoners seen as corporate assets. An ex-marine of the « Force Recon » named John Robbins is imprisoned for life for the murder of his commanding officer, after a shady military operation in Benghazi (Libya) in 2011. An event that still haunts Robbins more than a decade later. Robbins had escaped from two "level 5" maximum security prisons so he has now been imprisoned in a "level 6" facility run by the (unnamed) warden. After the Warden reviews his file and meets him face to face, Robbins is thrown in a cell, where a fellow prisoner offers him food, and hastily tells him about "Absolom" [sic], an island where they send the worst prisoners, and which is far more feared than the facility. A place where Robbins is finally sent to by the warden who quickly sees in him an untamable prisoner. After being dropped off by gunship (a Kamov Ka-27 'Helix'), Robbins is captured by the 'Outsiders', who are led by a sociopath called Marek. The island had been previously been a private retreat as there are ramshackle structures including a dilapidated house and a swimming pool which is where the Outsiders have made their base. Marek informs Robbins that the average life expectancy of a prisoner is six months but he had been there for seven years and then insists he fight one of his men for his amusement. Robbins impresses them by killing the opponent and Marek offers Robbins a position within his gang, in response to which Robbins knocks Marek into a pool and steals a rocket launcher that Marek carries. He flees from the Outsiders and is pursued through the jungle, avoiding crude mantraps. However he ends up trapped at the edge of a high cliff and is shot in the neck by a blowgun dart. He falls into the river at the cliff's base, washes up on some rocks and retrieved by another group, the 'Insiders.' At the Insider's camp which is on the edge of the jungle with their backs to the ocean, he meets the Insiders (including Hawkins, Stephano, Casey, Killian, King and Dysart) led by a man who calls himself 'The Father.' The Father put together a co-operative community with laws as opposed to the tyranny of the Outsiders. The Insiders total around 100 citizens while the various Outsider groups total 600. Robbins learns that he is the only person to have ever challenged and escape from Marek and that the weapon he stole has been appropriated for the good of the community. The Father notes his resourcefulness and asks if Robbins will join him. He refuses and says he wants to leave Absolom, and The Father orders to Robbins to be taken to the shore where he learns from the men that there are gunships 50 miles off the coast and that they are closely electronically monitored by satellite infrared equipment. Nevertheless, Robbins will try to make his escape from Absolom, even if he has to fight all the gangs of Outsiders led by Marek in the process.
    Martin D Super Reviewer
  • Sep 28, 2008
    <i>Ray Liotta</i> stars in this sci-fi actioner, sent to an in-escapable island prison he bands together with a group of fellow inmates to fight off a band of savages. Also appearing are a whole host of British character actors along with <i>Lance Henriksen</i> and <i>Ernie Hudson</i> who seem to make a living off this type of direct to video fare. <i>Ray Liotta</i> is pretty good but this is no where near his quality performances. He drives the plot along and carries the action scenes off well. <i>Lance Henriksen</i> is reliable as ever and adds to his impressive list of Science Fiction & Fantasy appearances.
    Steven V Super Reviewer
  • May 20, 2008
    Fun, action packed 90's movie that was overlooked and under appreciated. The story is about a highly decorated Army cadet who assassinates his general officer for moralistic reasons. His punishment is life in prison on a deserted island called "Absolom" where the deadliest of prisoners are forced to live in a brutal society controlled by vicious warlords. The graphics, for the time, were good. Ray Liotta puts in a great performance, which is something I don't usually find myself saying too often. This movie pales in comparison to current eye candy blockbuster action movies, but this is still a great 90's action movie that you should check out.
    Derek A Super Reviewer

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