Martin Campbell

Martin Campbell

Highest Rated: 94% Casino Royale (2006)

Lowest Rated: 14% Beyond Borders (2003)

Birthday: Oct 24, 1943

Birthplace: Hastings, New Zealand

Though his work in film and television was produced in Britain and America, Martin Campbell's career was defined by traits that seem stereotypical of his New Zealand heritage: a cheerful lack of ego and a willingness to put in a hard day's work. It was this grounded, collaborative spirit that made him a perfect fit with the team behind the venerable James Bond franchise, which Campbell would have the distinction of re-inventing twice. Campbell's first outing with Bond, "GoldenEye" (1995), introduced Pierce Brosnan as the iconic spy re-imagined for a post-Cold War era. His second would rescue the series from the excesses of the late-nineties, rebooting it with "Casino Royale" (2006), a hard-hitting origin story starring Daniel Craig. Unschooled in film, Campbell had learned how to direct the way any laborer learns a trade - by apprenticeship. His first films, produced by pulp writer and Hammer horror veteran Tudor Gates, were exploitative sex comedies that served as laboratory experiments in creating fast-paced, crowd-pleasing films. Martin Campbell was a director who eschewed pretention and auteurism in favor of the fine art of pulse-pounding popcorn fare, bringing the heroics of legends such as James Bond, Zorro, and Green Lantern to marvelous, cinematic life.




61% 82% The Protégé Director $7.4M 2021
No Score Yet No Score Yet Memory Director - 2021
66% 72% The Foreigner Director $34.4M 2017
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Taking Executive Producer - 2014
26% 45% Green Lantern Director $116.6M 2011
No Score Yet 27% Freight Executive Producer - 2010
55% 49% Edge of Darkness Director $43.3M 2010
94% 90% Casino Royale Director $167.0M 2006
27% 48% The Legend of Zorro Director $45.4M 2005
14% 72% Beyond Borders Director $4.4M 2003
48% 41% Vertical Limit Director,
$68.5M 2000
83% 73% The Mask of Zorro Director $93.8M 1998
79% 83% GoldenEye Director $106.0M 1995
53% 41% No Escape Director $14.2M 1994
No Score Yet 50% Defenseless Director $6.4M 1991
No Score Yet 59% Cast a Deadly Spell Director - 1991
33% 26% Criminal Law Director $9.1M 1988
No Score Yet No Score Yet Frankie and Johnnie Director - 1986
No Score Yet 33% Eskimo Nell Director - 1975
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Sex Thief Director - 1973


29% 33% Killer Women Executive Producer 2014
79% 83% Last Resort Executive Producer,
9% No Score Yet 10-8: Officers on Duty Director 2003
No Score Yet No Score Yet Reilly: Ace of Spies Director 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Professionals Director 1978-1980
No Score Yet No Score Yet Minder Director 1980