Oct 17, 2018
"Octopussy" is the 13th of the James Bond movies, and it is one of the best.
Oct 6, 2015
It's a pleasure to report that the James Bond company is confidently back on the beam.
Oct 13, 2008
Glen's willingness to give the action sequences a certain weight and seriousness produces some genuinely exciting moments, yet his work is everywhere undermined by the flatness of the characterizations and the uncertain architecture of the plot.
Oct 13, 2008
Film's high points are the spectaccular aerial stuntwork marking both the pre-credits teaser and extremely dangerous-looking climax.
Oct 13, 2008
Bond had degenerated into a male model, and something of a genial anachronism.
Oct 13, 2008
One for the die hards. The saving grace here is a knowing sense of humour so lacking in its predecessor, For Your Eyes Only.
Jan 26, 2006
The action sequences are tighter, the visual gags more inventive, and if the plot is no great shakes, the whole thing is served up with a decent approximation to the old panache.
Aug 30, 2004
Makes no pretense of being based on anything except the Ian Fleming character and the high good humor and wit of the film makers.
Sep 11, 2001
The joy of a great Bond movie is the way it pushes the limits of believability -- and knows when to stop. Octopussy fails.
Jan 1, 2000
There's a fine line between wit and absurdity, and this particular movie too often falls on the wrong side.