Perfect Reviews

July 26, 2009
The movie is devoid of laughs, thanks to James Bridges' characteristically humorless direction.
July 26, 2009
John Travolta continues his wearisome trek through America's fleeting enthusiasms, though this time he arrives a day late (wasn't aerobics over a couple of years before this?) and a few dollars short.
March 26, 2009
Pic is guilty of the sins it condemns - superficiality, manipulation and smugness.
June 24, 2006
Muddled saga of journalistic ethics.
November 3, 2005
Good chemistry - that's about it
July 23, 2005
A vanity project that went nowhere.
July 14, 2005
January 4, 2005
One-joke Travolta comedy.
November 4, 2004
If you're curious about why the gifted Tavolta's film career stalled in the mid-80s, 'Perfect' is the perfect explanation.
August 22, 2004
Reveals the health club fad to be a hall of mirrors filled with self-absorbed individuals.
March 12, 2004
March 11, 2004
May 30, 2003
May 20, 2003
Perfect is too superficially knowing to be a camp classic, but it's an unintentionally hilarious mixture of muddled moralizing and all-too-contemporary self-promotion.
December 10, 2002
Cheesy but enjoyable.
December 10, 2002
They don't make them like this anymore... there's a reason.