Quitting Reviews

February 26, 2003
Formally ambitious and emotionally engaging.
December 13, 2002
It helps that the central performers are experienced actors, and that they know their roles so well.
November 22, 2002
Ultimately engages less for its story of actorly existential despair than for its boundary-hopping formal innovations and glimpse into another kind of Chinese 'cultural revolution.'
November 22, 2002
Intriguing in concept ... [and] just as compelling in execution.
November 15, 2002
A brave experiment.
November 14, 2002
Daring and beautifully made.
November 1, 2002
Less than fresh.
October 11, 2002
If Quitting isn't worthy of affection exactly, it's worthy of respect, as director Zhang Yang plays with the structural elements of the story as well as notions of fiction and fact.
October 11, 2002
It further declares its director, Zhang Yang of Shower, as a boldly experimental, contemporary stylist with a bright future.
October 10, 2002
Unfortunately, the experience of actually watching the movie is less compelling than the circumstances of its making.
September 20, 2002
Jia's performance is so unsparing and intense -- and the film so compassionate and chaste in its approach to a life lost and recovered -- that Quitting ultimately satisfies.
September 19, 2002
Once he starts learning to compromise with reality enough to become comparatively sane and healthy, the film becomes predictably conventional.
September 13, 2002
Zhang ... has done an amazing job of getting realistic performances from his mainly nonprofessional cast.
September 13, 2002
If you're not totally weirded- out by the notion of cinema as community-therapy spectacle, Quitting hits home with disorienting force.
September 12, 2002
If Mr. Zhang's subject matter is, to some degree at least, quintessentially American, his approach to storytelling might be called Iranian.
September 12, 2002
A probing and universal contemporary drama.
September 12, 2002
Whether Quitting will prove absorbing to American audiences is debatable.
September 10, 2002
Straightforward yet opaque and uncompromising piece of work.