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During a business trip to China, American Jack Moore is seduced by an attractive model. The next morning he is charged with murder. Unfortunately, Jack has few rights within the Chinese legal system, and though he is released to help investigate, he is in great danger.

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Richard Gere
as Jack Moore
Bai Ling
as Shen Yuelin
Byron Mann
as Lin Dan
Peter Donat
as David McAndrews
Tsai Chin
as Chairman Xu
James Hong
as Lin Shou
James Fox
as Li Cheng
Tzi Ma
as Li Cheng
Ulrich Matschoss
as Gerhardt Hoffman
Richard Venture
as Ambassador Reed
Jessey Meng
as Hong Ling
Roger Yuan
as Huan Minglu
Li Chi Yu
as General Hong
Henry O
as Procurator General Yang
Li Jia Yao
as Director Liu
Lu Yukun
as Director Liu's Associate
Robert Lin
as Director Liu's Interpreter
Steve Beebe
as Disco DJ
Wei De Zhong
as Beijing Opera Performer
Grace Zhan
as Beijing Opera Performer
Yvonne Wang
as Disco Waitress
Gao Qiang
as PSB Captain
Gao Xiao-Hua
as PSB Arresting Officer
Yao Wang
as PSB Arresting Officer
Gu Xiao Yang
as Prison Guard
Hans Hanbo Cui
as Prison Guard
Ping Zhong
as Captain Feng
Lei Yin
as Feng's Assistant
Paul Chen
as Visitor's Room Official
Jeffrey Dong
as Prison Doctor
Jian Rui Chao
as Yuelin's Aide
Daxing Zhang
as Procurator Ma
Ding Yi Wang
as Procurator Ma's Assistant
Lily L. Lin
as People's Housewife Assessor
Mike Wu
as People's Accountant Assessor
Bing Yang
as Male Court Interpreter
Hua Wahrman
as Female Court Interpreter
Ming Lo
as Medical Examiner
Liu Baifang
as Chinese TV Reporter
Danny Wang
as PSB Escort
Kenny Ki
as Guard at Hotel Door
Jack C. Huang
as Guard at Phone Center
Mei-Juin Chen
as Phone Clerk
Jin Zheng Hui
as Phone Center Supervisor
Kent Faulcon
as Marine Guard
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Audience Reviews for Red Corner

  • May 23, 2011
    An average American thriller that follows each and every cliche meticulously. Like so many political thrillers of a more or less serious disposition, Red Corner plays on American Xenopobia and this time it is not the Russians nor the Germans but the Chinese. A poor businessman who is as good-hearted and innocent as a flower (i.e. fictional) gets tangled up in an intrigue involing murder and deceit. What follows is a cascade of chases through narrow alleys, outrage regarding the Chinese political system and love interest of course, all you would expect and you could go out for a cigarette while watching this, come back and know exactly what is going on. That being sad, it is not a bad film per se, Richard Gere is a good lead actor and Ling Bai is beautiful to behold but if you are looking for more than dumbed-down and uninnovative US entertainment, look elsewhere. Some people claim this is a Richard-Gere anti-Chinese propagandha film, I have to say that this is not much better or worse than all of the bond films, die hard films or any other American action thriller I have seen. It is very likely that Gere took on the project to support his political views but the that does not make the film something else than it is, a dull thriller. No need to seek this out and watch out and you might catch this some Sunday Afternoon on Telly and that might be good enough. HX
    Henrik S Super Reviewer
  • Dec 31, 2010
    Quite predictable if you pay attention to the small details. There didn't seem to be much of a fight, there wasn't much tension at all considering he could have been killed for something he believed he didn't commit. It seemed all too easy to get him off the hook. Made me more likely to watch Chinese films though. They have a certain air about them.
    Sophie B Super Reviewer
  • Oct 03, 2010
    Richard Gere plays Jack Moore is a TV executive who visits China to broker a satellite communication's deal with some Chinese businessmen. After the agreement is made, he celebrates with his new business friends and ends up taking the daughter of a Chinese Diplomat up to his hotel room where they spend a passionate night together. The next morning Jack wakes up to find her dead, and he is arrested for her brutal murder. At the mercy of the strict Chinese court system - where one is guilty until proven innocent Jack finds his entire world is turned upside down. Bai Ling plays his defense attorney who tries to convince the Chinese authorities of his innocence when she unearths puzzling contradictions in the case. She joins him in a pulse-pounding race to find the true killer... while both of their lives hang in the balance!
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Nov 27, 2007
    The strong anti-China beliefs of actor and political activist Richard Gere were evident in this Hitchcockian thriller that sought to expose the civil and human rights abuses of that country's legal system. Gere stars as Jack Moore, counsel to a large media conglomerate seeking to open trade relations with China, thereby delivering American television shows by satellite to the largest untapped market in the world. After an evening out at a nightclub and fashion show, Jack goes home with a beautiful model (Jessey Meng), then wakes up the next morning to discover her dead body. To his horror, Jack is accused of murdering the girl, who is revealed to have been the daughter of a high-ranking general. Assigned a court-appointed lawyer, Shen Yuelin (Bai Ling), Jack discovers that the repressive Chinese court system does not grant bail, encourages quick guilty pleas and executions, and looks upon him with disfavor for his Western moral turpitude. Finally persuading Shen that he's innocent, Jack and his lawyer embark on an investigation impeded at every turn by Chinese authorities, eventually uncovering a plot to discredit Jack and his company's entry into China.
    Martin D Super Reviewer

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