Rush Hour Reviews

January 16, 2019
A brief sequence where he weaves between tour bus, truck and camper van views like a kung-fu version of Singin' In The Rain. But Chan's physical poetry is boxed inside narrow margins.
January 16, 2019
The fast-talking Tucker and quick-kicking Chan are a surprisingly good team that manages to deliver a stylish and fun combination of highly choreographed action and comedy.
January 16, 2019
A misbegotten marriage of sweet and sour.
January 5, 2014
a big heap of fun
December 29, 2010
Chan...can make something out of nothing, while Ratner's chief skills seem to be talking himself into the director's chair and hiring the right people. [Blu-ray]
December 15, 2010
A lightweight, but highly enjoyable buddy cop movie elevated by its two lead stars.
October 19, 2010
Buddy cop fun amidst explosions, bad guys, and language.
April 3, 2009
The action and stunt scenes are not on a par with those in Chan's HK efforts.
October 18, 2008
By the book buddy-buddy movie. This is a weakly scripted parade of set-pieces which aren't as exciting as regular Jackie Chan films.
October 14, 2008
No matter how much or how fast Tucker talks, you can't help feeling that his co-star has made a fatal mistake.
October 14, 2008
The contrast between Tucker's motormouth and Chan's man of few words should be funnier, but the plot -- which is cliched without quite becoming self-reflexive -- and the uneven pace dampen most of their moments.
June 18, 2008
Brash, stupid and surprisingly watchable, this picture puts just the slightest spin on the 48 HRS.
September 19, 2007
...manages to coast on the palpable chemistry between the two leads...
August 13, 2007
How sad that the great Chan is presumed to need this kind of dumbed-down buddy movie.
February 9, 2006
Much of the best dialogue, you suspect, was improvised by Tucker and Chan, who seem truly taken with each other and make a delightful, ordinary-extraordinary pair.
December 6, 2005
Chris Tucker is the man.
April 9, 2005
The great Jackie Chan deserves an A list director in a Hollywood film while he's still young enough to pull off his awe inspiring stunts.
May 24, 2004
A disappointment.
January 8, 2004
By themselves, Chan and Tucker do not provide anything inspiring or refreshing, but when they are combined, they form a surprisingly entertaining comedic duo.
May 22, 2003
I didn't have very high expectations for this film, and it was much better than I thought it was going to be.