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A group of friends become involved in a potentially deadly diamond heist.

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  • Aug 03, 2012
    Friends for life. Enemies forever. Not a great movie! The movie was a waste of time and i am really disappointed. I could describe this movie as a "wanna be movie"...the director wants to be Guy Ritchie but he is not...50 cent wants to be an actor but he is not, Ryan Phillipe wants to be a bad guy but he is not, because of his baby face...when you see Bruce Willis on the cover you expect him to be actually present in the movie but he is not...everything in this project is poor...i really gave it a chance and watched all 90 min but it was a waste of time. The act was too slow, it tried to build up characters but it failed...many things were simply not there as script and acting. I had hard time understanding the words of 50 cent, Ryan Phillipe was OK but this character was simply not for him...he matches other roles much better...Bruce Willis was OK too but he had a very small and insignificant role. A group of friends plan out a detailed heist that turns deadly when one betrays the other by taking off with the goods. Taking matters into his own hands, Sonny seeks out his revenge teaming up with the most dangerous mob boss in town to get back what is rightfully his. When he finally comes face to face with his longtime friend he will be forced to make a life changing choice.
    Manu G Super Reviewer
  • Jan 11, 2012
    overall, awkward is the best word to describe this disjointed and strained film.
    Roy G Super Reviewer
  • Dec 12, 2011
    Cast: Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe, 50 Cent, Jenna Dewan, Randy Couture, James Remar, Susie Abromeit, Jordan Trovillion Director: Mike Gunther Summary: A diamond heist goes horribly wrong, and the group of friends who sought to make a fortune must instead fight for their very survival. Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson bring the firepower in this thriller. My Thoughts: "This movie is a perfect example of being blinded by the actor's you may like/love and not looking too much into the story beforehand. Love Bruce, like Ryan, so obviously I would over look 50 Cent and watch the movie. Mistake of course. I don't even think 50 Cent was that bad in it (although his character isn't very believable) but he definitely isn't amazing either. Some should just stick to their music careers. Not all singer's and rapper's are meant to act. But in the end it was the script that flushed this film down the crapper. You are left to guess throughout the film on how these people became friends, why they turn on each other, and whatever else this film had going on in it. I seem to have forgotten. Which leaves me to my next comment, the film is completely forgettable and not worth taking a second glance at."
  • Nov 05, 2011
    With two big names such as Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe, you may think that this is a worthy film but you would be wrong as Bruce is barely in the movie at all, despite being featured prominently on the poster and Philippe is just not convincing as a tougher than nails gang member, replete with tattoos. There is a bedroom scene where he appears shirtless but those scrawny upper arms are not exactly gang material biceps. A crummy B-Grade crime flick that I would have skipped had it not been for Bruce Willis` name on the DVD cover. Warning: Spoilers ~Let me spare you the agony of watching and just reveal all!~ Three childhood friends (Ryan Phillippe, Brett Granstaff, and 50 Cent) carry out a daring daylight diamond heist in Detroit but there is no honor to be found amongst thieves when one of them double crosses the other two to get all the money for himself but botches the job of killing them both. Sonny ('50 Cents') survives the shooting with a slug stuck in his collarbone that his tattoo artist friend Joey extracts. Afterward, our protagonist sets out to exact vengeance on the psychotic Vincent for the killing of his mate. Wrecking revenge is more complicated than Sonny imagined and so he aligns with ruthless crime boss Bruce Willis to get back the money from the heist, but once again things go wrong when a lame-brained thug Petey (Wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist Randy Couture) accidentally shoots himself when he is playing with gun. (if you can get over the muscle man for the mob shooting himself while playing with guns then feel free to check this one out) Not to worry though because Sonny enlists the help of his creepy meatpacker friend who helps him dispose of the dead body. Meanwhile we have Shaun Toub as the mysterious hit-man who skulks about on the periphery searching for the stolen diamonds and Jenna Dewan as the sister neither one of the shooter`s best friends know about and she just happens to be the driver for the guy they robbed. Throw in Philippe's jailed father (James Remar in a completely wasted opportunity) and a bunch of vicious Russian mobsters running around trying to dispatch everyone in sight and it's simply too much to take.
    Deb S Super Reviewer

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