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January 20, 2018
Have you ever seen a film so beautiful that this could be your only reason to live? This is that film. It deals with hard topics like rape and suicide but hope is always what drives Andy forward. As the poster said "fear can hold you prisoner but hope can set you free." When things look terrible for Andy he holds hope for finally getting to live on the pacific ocean own a beach front motel and just take care of a broken boat. Red's outlook on life in the beginning seems trivial, he goes through the prisons schedule and when he gets to the yard hangs with gang and gets people what they want or need. Andy however changed everything Red finally felt a speck of freedom that culminates in the Opera scene. Red puts it best in the narration "amd for all of felt like we were free for the first time." Characters like Johnny held hope for the future with his Highschool equivalent carrying a C+ average were crushed. Everyone besides the prison staff felt human, they wanted to achieve goals and have lives but their only way to keep it alive was by being one of many innocent men in Shawshank. Eventhough Andy is behind bars, the only way for him to feel part of the outside world is by helping people. Helps a guard with his brother's inheritance and how to hide it from the IRS just to get his friends some beers. Sends 2 letters everyweek to congress to expand the prison library just to give the people educations and freedom. This film expresses freedom in the most human way not by being a basic right but being a basic human emotion. Watching this film made me glad to be alive because nothing has ever made me more happy. These are the reasons The Shawshank Redemption is my favourite film of all time.
January 17, 2018
With a stunning performance from Robbins and Freeman, this prison drama brings delicate directing and wonderful storytelling together to form an unforgettable film.
January 16, 2018
What will things never betray you even if you keep falling until you can't wake up? Hope, a thing that will always be with you even if it's just a glimmer of light. This movie teaches you how we always keep believing with yourself even though you've been slandered and betrayed many times. I just can't say that this is the best movie ever and should be watched by everyone.
January 3, 2018
Definitely a quality movie in every aspect- acting, plot, background development. Unlike other movies with a slow start, this one grabs you in from the first scene and keeps you invested until the very end. I'm truly mad at myself that I waited so long to watch this one- there is a reason behind all its hype.
January 3, 2018
i put off watching this film for so long because of how much everyone said it was brilliant. didnt want to be disappointed. and i can say i regret putting off watching it entirely. this film did not give me anything to complain about. maybe i didnt look at it with the same cliche inspirational angle everyone else does. but nothing can deny that this is a brilliant, touching, and incredible film. i recommend this to anyone who just wants to watch a good film.
January 2, 2018
I could not keep my eyes off the screen. There was never a dull moment, and there was always a lesson to be learned. With most drama movies I become bored and distant from the plot but with the willingness of Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman (and many others) this story felt real. Such amazing casting with Tim Robbins, I couldn't imagine any other actor in his spot. The Shawshank Redemption immersed the viewer into the prison lifestyle. I felt stuck there along with Andy, Red and the gang; that is, in the best way possible. Frank Darabont's ability to make realistic dramas is incredible. The movie on the screen no longer becomes a viewing, it becomes an own sight of mind. With nearly two hours and thirty minutes in The Shawshank Redemption, I found not a single flaw. The screenplay, cinematography, score and acting in this film is flawless. I wish all movies were this great.
½ January 2, 2018
Much beloved Crowd-pleaser bordering on corny but punctuated by moments of greatness.
December 23, 2017
Extremely Good Movie Indices the viewer in to the plot. Includes one of the best movie villains. The movie is a must see and is one of the best.
December 23, 2017
The greatest movie ever made.
December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 8.5

Una obra maestra, esperanzadora y humana. The Shawshank Redemption es un film esencial para todo amante del cine.
December 18, 2017
The best movies of my life!!!!
December 18, 2017
It's hard to find any flaws in this emotionally impacting story accompanied by it's impeccable acting and score.
December 16, 2017
Phenomenal, as if that needs to be said. It's an honor to be a part of giving this movie the highest rating possible. A reminder of how precious stories are, both in movies and in life.
December 10, 2017
The book was brilliant...the movie is brilliant. Enough said.
December 10, 2017
A lovely movie, not the easiest to watch at time but very gritty and real. Its so entertaining, just script and story telling. Wonderfully acted and one everyone can enjoy, a true classic.
½ December 5, 2017
MUST watch before you die.
November 25, 2017
One of the best Stephan King Adaptation, Strongly recommended to King's fan
November 25, 2017
Breathtaking movie with
November 13, 2017
one of the very best. time after time after time.

get busy livin or get busy dyin...
November 12, 2017
This was from a speech that I made for one of my college class, and what better way to tell about my favorite movie than to show my speech to Rotten Tomatoes where everyone who does read my reviews will see from what I thought of The Shawshank Redemption. It was a few years ago when I was bored and I didn't have anything else better to do. I was going through the internet in terms of movies, and when I was looking through a list of the best movies of all time, I saw Shawshank Redemption as the highest rating movie on IMDB. I was curious enough to rent it and see what made this movie special. When I was finished with the film, I was in shock and pretty much said to myself that this movie is a special one. I wanted to do this because everybody has their own favorite film, and it's probably different from everyone else's special film. So for me, I'm going to tell you why it's my favorite based on some aspects: plot and setting, characters and actors who portrayed them, and writing and direction.
The Shawshank Redemption is based on a short story by Stephen King, a banker that has received a life sentence for killing his wife and her lover while intoxicated. Even though he says that he's innocent, no one believes him, and the story begins with him living his life in the Shawshank Prison. Now, I don't know how faithful it was to the source material, but the movie probably expanded on the short story. The plot elements going on whether it be the main character trying to make the best for himself in the prison, making friends, and dealing with three people that wants to do, well, horrible things to him like it typically goes in prison, can get you interested in what's going on. It takes place at the Shawshank Prison, which in real life is an actual place called the Ohio State Reformatory that takes place in Mansfield, Ohio, and it's actually a tourist attraction for people to visit the set of the film that it takes place.
Tim Robbins plays Andy Dufresne, the banker that's in the prison who at the beginning of the film is spending his first days in prison. He acted like his life was over, and had nothing else to go back to other than his everyday life outside of prison. As the days go by, he briefly acted a little suspicious like he was holding something in, but only to end up being friends with a murderer name Red that's played by Morgan Freeman. He was more of a people-person who was the first person to be friends with the main character, while knowing who to trust and who to stay away from as he had been in prison for many years. He tried to get parole, but he failed to do so. He brought joy into the film, so it didn't make the movie too depressing. Showing from his eyes, he did have a few exhausting moments where he kept getting declined for parole. The movie has interesting characters like a greaser who's likable and intentionally full of himself and not bright that gets some character progression unlike the characters from Grease, I'm just kidding I haven't seen Grease for years and I don't remember much so don't kill me for those who are fans of the film. There's the warden who is a mysterious character that you don't know whether he's a good guy or not until later on. Then, there's Brooks who has a pet bird and has lived in the prison for decades to the point that he wants to stay in it.
Whenever the characters have conversations with each other, they talked about human stuff, whether it be girls, what they liked in the days before they went to prison, and tried to help out in any way that had been going on in the prison, which is thanks to the script by Frank Darabont. He directed and wrote other Stephen King adaptations like The Green Mile, which was one of my favorite childhood films that I grew up with, and The Mist, which I only remember the ending when I first saw it because it kind of traumatized me of how messed up that ending was. The dialogue was so genuine that I felt like the characters talking were actual people, and whether you think they deserve to be in prison is totally up to you, but at some point you do feel like some of the character's time had definitely been served. The direction is also great that the structure of the film never seemed to have a boring spot, and there was never a scene that was unnecessary to this movie, which is cool knowing the fact that it's 2 hours and 22 minutes long. There are scenes like when Brooks is out of prison that it could've easily have been taken out of the film, but it shows something that you don't typically see in a prison film, and that's the aftereffects of a person that has been serving in prison for decades that even one of the characters says that he's basically "institutionalized", and Brooks even has the thought of doing something illegal in order to go back to the Shawshank Prison.
If what I say doesn't convince you otherwise, there are top critics from Rotten Tomatoes like Roger Ebert from Chicago Sun-Times who says this, "If the film is perhaps a little slow in its middle passages, maybe that is part of the idea, too, to give us a sense of the leaden passage of time, before the glory of the final redemption.", and James Berardinelli that says, "The Shawshank Redemption is all about hope and, because of that, watching it is both uplifting and cathartic." Those were the reasons why The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite film: interesting story that doesn't bore the audience, three-dimensional characters that you learn enough about to the point that you want some of them to get out of prison, and the script and direction being top-notch that creates a film that everybody will talk about for a long time. When you come across The Shawshank Redemption on DVD, your favorite film, or just found a film on the internet that interest you in free time, give it a watch or go back to it because you'll maybe get something out of it that causes you to ask your own friends to watch this film just like I'm informing you guys of my favorite movie with this speech.
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