San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident)


San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident)

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The Chinese migrant communities in Tokyo live shadowy lives. The Japanese neither acknowledge nor welcome them. They are shunned by the mainstream society, hounded by the yakuza, and go about their days under fear of being discovered and repatriated. It is an alien world for Nick (Jackie Chan), an honest and hardworking tractor repairman from northern China. Nick takes the perilous journey to Tokyo after losing contact with his girlfriend, Xiu Xiu (Xu Jing Lei), who months earlier had left China for Japan with hopes of a better life. Confused and out of place, Nick stays close to his brother Joe (Daniel Wu), who has already spent months learning life on the streets of Shinjuku. Trying to exist in the underbelly of Tokyo long enough to find Xiu Xiu, Nick has come to realize that the migrants must stand united if they are to go about their lives without fear of oppression by the Japanese underworld and the Chinese gangs that are growing in power. Making life even more complicated is the ever-present Inspector Kitano (Naoto Takenaka), who is trying to rid Japan of the crime figures. In his search of a decent living, Nick unwittingly finds himself pitted against the Japanese yakuza. Ironically, he also discovers that Xiu Xiu has adopted a Japanese identity and has married Eguchi (Masaya Kato), an ambitious up-and-coming yakuza chief. Nick wins the respect of his friends by establishing a base for them and forms an uneasy alliance with Eguchi. When he helps Eguchi dispose of a rival, he is given the control of Shinjuku's night establishments. With jobs now available for all of Nick's people, he is free to consider a new life path. Uninterested in living a gangster's life, Nick finds a new love and takes the chance to start a tractor repair business outside Tokyo. However, his peace is short-lived when he learns that his former compatriots are now being used by Eguchi to front the yakuza's drug business. Nick feels responsible for this turn of events and feels obligated to bring Eguchi down. He must do what is right, even though he knows that he will also be destroying whatever happiness Xiu Xiu has been able to find in this new city. It's not a question of right or wrong with shades of gray; the question is black and white. Can one simple Chinese migrant take on the yakuza alone?

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Jackie Chan
as Nick Steelhead
Jinglei Xu
as Xiu Xiu/Yoko
Jack Kao
as Gao Jie
Suet Lam
as Old Ghost
Toru Minegishi
as Koichi Muranishi
Hiroyuki Nagato
as Hara Ooda
Paul Chun
as Uncle De
Yasuaki Kurata
as Taro Watagawa
Kar Lok Chin
as Hongkie
Ken Lo
as Little Tai
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Critic Reviews for San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident)

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  • Try as he might, strut as he does toward climactic showdowns with ruthless adversaries, [Chan's] character remains an incongruous muddle. Same goes for the movie.

    Apr 23, 2010 | Rating: 2/4 | Full Review…
  • Shinjuku Incident forgoes flashy action scenes in favor of old-fashioned moralism. Warner Bros. could have made it in the 1930s, and that's a compliment.

    Feb 2, 2010 | Full Review…
  • Shinjuku Incident strains for social significance, but it is too timidly produced to risk depicting any recognizable reality.

    Jun 22, 2010 | Rating: 49/100 | Full Review…
  • It's more social drama than gangster movie, but there is plenty of violence, all of it of a furiously sloppy and savage nature of street thugs.

    Jun 11, 2010 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for San suk si gin (The Shinjuku Incident)

  • Nov 16, 2012
    Pretty cool. It's interesting to see Jackie Chan in a different kind of role. This is much more of an adult movie than most of his films, much darker--not everyone gets a happy ending. That's actually what I prefer for Jackie Chan...I kind of find his whimsical, nobody-gets-hurt films to be kind of annoying. I like this change of pace.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 09, 2012
    It been a while since I've reviewed a Jackie Chan movie so I decided to check out his first dramatic role without any fighting. I'm happy to say even without his Martial Art skills Chan is still great actor. The Shinjuku Incident is about Tietou repairs who misses his sweetheart Xiu Xiu, back in Japan, she having never sent any news to her family or him. While illegally emigrating to Japan, Tietou loses his Chinese documents and so cannot return to his country. He is welcomed by his countrymen who lodge and work in Shinjuku where they also help him to find illegal work. Now the story is easier to follow compare to a similar Johnnie To Triad movie Election, just because the story is easier to follow doesn't make it superior. For one the movie really doesn't go into detail into how the crime organization system works and it's not as complex or as interesting as it is in Election. What it does benefits from is Chan finally plays a character that gets allot character development which makes Tietou the most fleshed out character Chan ever played. We also get many subplots that work well getting you closer to it characters, but some of the subplots aren't as interesting as they could have been and some characters are easily forgettable. This has to be one of Chan best dramatic performance ever. He's so dedicated to playing this character who isn't invincible and is more realistic than most of Chan roles that you forget the guy knows Martial Art. The supporting cast is good, but they don't perform at the level as Chan does. Which is really disappointing because Chan does a great job bringing his character, Tietou, to life and I didn't feel the rest of the cast were truly dedicated to there characters. One thing I love about this movie is the atmosphere, thanks to it location you really get a feel for the world and people around it. You actually feel like it's a real world in the movie. The Shinjuku Incident may have it flaws in it story and Chan is the only actor you feel like actually put any effort into his role. Chan proves that he could do more than just fight, he proves he can carry a dramatic very successfully and I can't wait to see him in more dramatic roles.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Oct 17, 2011
    Awesome, totally awesome crime story that puts the emphasis on one man that as an immigrant...comes into this country looking for his lost love. Only to not only find himself caught up in a war between his Chinese brothers and the Japanese Yakuza, but also the police and Immigration want to have him deported as well. The choices he has made, placed him in a situation where being a follower would not help him in any way at all. This is the first Jackie Chan role I have seen him play the villain but still comes out as a role model for the very same people that turns against him in the end. Please see this, it is most definitely one to remember!
    Fascade F Super Reviewer
  • Jul 27, 2010
    a very interesting role for jackie chan, and a diferent role, set in japan and taking in gangland, he plays a part of a group of ilegal imigrants from china, making a living in crime to survive, through some fate he makes his way up the crime ladder, not to the liking of the japanes who also run the city, a well thought drama, with a great performance from chan, no stunt work with furniture here, just inteligent scenes of power and strugle, with some violence to back it up, im not sure if han as done a film in japan before, but this is what this is, a japanes gangland film, with the biggest hong kong action star, and not using his known talents, the story takes you through to the end with a great eye. enjoyed
    scott g Super Reviewer

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