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Though not as successful as Trainspotting (1996) or Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), this high-energy, kinetic crime thriller belongs in the same British New Wave category as those later films. In a decaying British city of the near future, Billy (Jude Law) is an ex-con adrenaline junkie dating a Belfast native, the thrill-seeking Jo (Sadie Frost). Billy and Jo are the leaders of a teen gang of "ram-raiders," car thieves who jack an automobile, ram the vehicle through the front of a store, and steal whatever booty they can carry before the authorities arrive. A typical ram raid ends up in a high-speed pursuit by the police, which is all a part of the game for Billy, Jo, and their followers. However, a local drug lord, Tommy (Sean Pertwee) doesn't like the teen crooks infringing on his business. His opposition to their scheming leads to a deadly car race that plays out like a game of post-modern "chicken." Following the release of Shopping (1994), writer-director Paul Anderson went in a different direction than contemporaries Guy Ritchie and Danny Boyle, opting to create slick Hollywood science fiction films such as Mortal Kombat (1995), Event Horizon (1996), and Soldier (1998).


Jude Law
as Billy
Sean Bean
as Venning
Jason Isaacs
as Market Trader
Tilly Vosburgh
as Mrs. Taylor
Russell Grant
as Store Owner
James Hill
as Lippy Kid
Clint Dyer
as Car Thief
Brian Croucher
as Billy's Dad
Simon Bateso
as Member of Tommy's Gang
Polly Moore
as Member of Tommy's Gang
Vinny Mann
as Member of Tommy's Gang
Julian Sandell
as Member of Tommy's Gang
DJ Tim
as Himself
Paul McNeilly
as Policeman
Dave Roberts
as Policeman
Simon Austin
as Policeman
Sidney Cole
as Policeman
Chris Armstrong
as Policeman
Paul Wong
as Venning's Member
Shion Abdillah
as Local Kid
Becky van der Post
as Member of String Quartet
Clio Gould
as Member of String Quartet
Monica Scott
as Member of String Quartet
Philip Bagenal
as Member of String Quartet
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Critic Reviews for Shopping

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Audience Reviews for Shopping

  • Nov 13, 2011
    Before he went to Hollywood and started directing crap, Paul WS Anderson proved he actually had some talent with this tale of disenchanted youth. There's still very much an ironic "video game" element here, and time hasn't been great to it...and yet you wonder what might have happened if Anderson hadn't been corrupted by the big Hollywood dollar signs.
    Marcus W Super Reviewer
  • Jan 27, 2011
    Not very good at all. There were bits and pieces that I did like but in the end it all felt too contrived for me. Plus I'm pretty sure this was aiming at the raver/gamer subcultures (two cultures I've never had much interest in). Never was much of a Jude Law fan either. Anyways the deal is Billy likes to steal cars and shop lift. And he steals cars and shoplifts regardless of the consequences. The ultimate badass... except the film never went very deep into Billys psyche and made no attempt to explain, even vaugley, why he gets such thrills out of this lifestyle. Not that I have anything against stealing cars and shoplifting, but if a movie trys to take these two innocent enough past times on, I expect a point to be made by the end. There really isn't one to be found here other than the fact that Billy likes to steal cars and shoplift (since he's suppossdely the ulitmate bad ass... whatever.) A boring film that deserves to be forgotten. If it does have the cult following which it is apparently supposed to, then this is one of those cases that it is ill deserved. All it was really attempting to do was cater to a certain audience, who existed in a certain time and place. That culture has of course grown away from this embarassing footnote and so should have all of it's fans. Good enough for a watch I guess if you go for this sort of thing, but I was just bored.
    Ed Fucking H Super Reviewer
  • Sep 10, 2010
    Didn't even know this film existed. Picked it up by mistake and saw a few names i recognized so i thought i'd give it a try. At first seems like the first typical 90's films. Mindless violence, insane and hashed rush, but well thought and combined. I'm pretty sure it reminds me of something i just...can't remember. An all-style, no-content attitudinal actioner, "Shopping" is as blank-minded as its vapidly rebellious leading characters. Set in a vaguely futuristic Britain exclusively populated by valueless kids and fascistic police, this slick , sleek and empty joyless ride is immediately unhinged by its lack of credible forces of opposition; there's nothing colliding here except cars. No twists and no particular interesting dialogues but fun and quite entertaining. Enjoy!
    Ovi G Super Reviewer
  • Jan 07, 2010
    The only decent and good movie that Paul W.S. Anderson has ever made aside from Death Race, this just works really well and has a great backdrop and sense of style. Jude Law was the ultimate rebel with a love for good music, which is apparently hard to come by. It's an interesting plot that faintly reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, but didn't steal from it which was respectable. It's a very interesting take on the dystopian future that is very subtle and perfectly odd.
    Conner R Super Reviewer

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