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February 19, 2021
It's often a straightforward affair, but it also demonstrates that a feature can be neat, obvious, heartfelt and rivetingly acted all at once.
February 5, 2021
Summerland is an auspicious debut for director Jessica Swale, one that shows her skills as both a storyteller and a filmmaker. It's a deeply personal film whose characters pop off the screen thanks to a great combination of writing and acting.
January 30, 2021
It's the epitome of a comfort food period drama with characters that are easy to get attached to and beautiful views of the English coast.
January 27, 2021
It's a story whose twists you can see coming a mile off, but that doesn't stop Summerland being a deeply satisfying watch.
January 14, 2021
Made with great panache, this is a real gem of understated poignancy; about summers as lovely as they are fraught.
January 13, 2021
Arterton towers in the role, not always in a good way. A stronger director might have reined her in, but Swale is not yet that experienced. When you add a large amount of treacle to the mix, the film becomes cloying and pushy.
January 9, 2021
The child actors - Bond and Dixie Egerickx who plays a schoolfriend - are the most convincing elements of this woefully unconvincing romantic drama.
January 8, 2021
As with any weepie there is a degree of contrivance involved in the story, but what matters is how well it is fashioned. Glad to say writer/director Jessica Swale knows how to hit the right beat at the right time.
November 22, 2020
Summerland's lilting, soft-focus approach is part of its considerable appeal, but there is sharpness here too, where it counts.
November 16, 2020
Despite its name (and July release date), Summerland is a film for cozy times, bundled up in a sweater with a honeyed mug of tea cupped in hands.
November 12, 2020
Summerland shows us how being robbed of self-expression - sexual or emotional - can feel like slow suffocation. But it's too afraid of uncertainty.
November 12, 2020
May be a familiar destination at its core, but viewed through [Jessica] Swale's fresh eyes gives this trip a new lease of undiscovered territory.
September 23, 2020
While Summerland possesses some period piece cliches, it still overcomes them with its storytelling verve and of course, its commendable performances.
September 16, 2020
Summerland is sweet but fairly predictable. The English coast and countryside are gorgeous. And, the film's ending is uplifting and gratifying. All in all, the film is a little too lightweight, despite its excellent cast, but definitely enjoyable.
September 14, 2020
[Director Jessica Swale] galvanizes her story about lost and forbidden love, as well as updating the mythical substrate with images that stylize and question the validity... of a story that supports current British identity. [Full review in Spanish]
September 14, 2020
Swale is working towards a moral that is well-intentioned and progressive, but Summerland only understands these women as means to an easily predicted end.
September 9, 2020
A luminous... romance, although, somewhat predictable. [Full review in Spanish]
August 27, 2020
If you're the kind of gay who is as tired of melancholy endings as you are tragic endings, then trust that you'll be very pleased.
August 25, 2020
...not the most original framing device, but Summerland isn't interested breaking all the rules.
August 22, 2020
Summerland may not be the greatest show on Earth, but it is firmly Arterton's show - and deserves more attention than most anyone on these shores will likely give it.
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