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A Fatal Attraction rip-off, Swimfan is a predictable, mediocre thriller.



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A moment of temptation leads to a high body count and untold regrets for a high-school swimming star in this thriller starring Bring It On's Jesse Bradford and Traffic's Erika Christensen. Despite a shady past involving drugs and the juvenile justice system, Ben Cronin (Bradford) seems to have it all: a loving mother, a devoted girlfriend (Shiri Appleby), and a shot at a college scholarship in California. But the same week that athletic scouts will be deciding his future, Ben finds himself embroiled in a flirtation with Madison Bell (Christensen), a bewitching transfer student who seduces him into supposedly strings-free sex during an impromptu swim lesson after hours in the school pool. When Ben takes Madison at her word and goes about his business as if nothing had happened, she insinuates herself into his life with sinister glee. Showing up at Ben's house, befriending his girlfriend, and sending him naked pictures -- none of her strategies wins his heart. So Madison turns to other, more devious forms of courtship. Soon, Ben finds himself kicked off the swim team for supposed steroid use, suspected of murdering a rival (Clayne Crawford), and rejected by his girlfriend for his sexual indiscretions. Eventually, though, he receives help in uncovering the genesis of Madison's uncanny fixation from an unexpected source. Originally titled "Swimfan85" (after Madison's Internet screen name), the retitled Swimfan hit the top spot at the back-to-school box office when it was released September 6, 2002. Dan Hedaya co-stars as Ben's stern but loving mentor, Coach Simkins. Actor-turned-director John Polson previously helmed Siam Sunset. ~ Brian J. Dillard, Rovi


Jesse Bradford
as Benjamin `Ben' Cronin
Erika Christensen
as Madison Bell
Shiri Appleby
as Amy Miller
Dan Hedaya
as Coach Simkins
Michael Higgins
as Mr. Tillman
Nick Sandow
as Detective John Zabel
Pamela Isaacs
as Mrs. Egan
Phyllis Somerville
as Aunt Gretchen
Ken Triwush
as Big Man
Peter Hermann
as ER Doctor
John Knox
as ER Guard
Amy Mapother
as Petite Nurse
Patricia Rae
as Jake's Nurse
Ben Epps
as Passenger Cop
Dan Fountain
as Police Officer
Max Rosmartin
as Music Nerd
Chris Fischer
as Parking Garage Cop
Monroe Mann
as Jake Donnelly
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Audience Reviews for Swimfan

  • May 19, 2011
    Swimfan has gotten a lot of flack due to it's similarities with Fatal Attraction. In fact it's been called a teen version of Fatal Attraction. I haven't seen Fatal Attraction so I couldn't compare, but this an average thriller with decent enough acting. I wouldn't say great, but certainly isn't awful. If you know the story of Fatal Attraction, then Swimfan follows the same path. Nothing original. I can't say that Simfan is a great film, because it isn't. But the film entertained me and it did have something going for it. But this is a pure, mindless thriller that follows the fatal attraction formula. The cast do what they can with a derivative script, and it feels at times lazy, and it shows. Swimfan is a guilty pleasure, and I admit I liked it somewhat cause it was entertaining, but it was fairly borderline average most of the time. Swimfan is the type of film that should be seen when you're bored and you're looking for something mindless, then Swimfan is the film to watch. But be warned, you won't find anything great in this film, maybe it'll entertain you, and and the same time you'll feel that theres something missing. I find the film to be borderline good and I;'d give a 5 out of 10. This may not be the best film, but I've seen my fair share of trash, and this is far from the worst film ever made. Swimfan is what I'd a guilty pleasure film, and it most certainly should be seen that way.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Apr 05, 2011
    Swimfan aka Teenaged Fatal Attraction Despite a bit of drugs problems in his past, Ben Cronin (Jesse Bradford) is now the best swimmer in his high school and has a promising future ahead of him. He is popular, he has a sweet and lovable girlfriend Amy (Shiri Appleby), who is madly in love with him, a nice SUV and the top universities are watching him. Enter new girl Madison (Erika Christensen), a cello-playing blonde nymphet with an attitude. After a couple of 'chance' encounters, Madison gets Ben to the pool, reveals she can't swim, and, stripping down to her lacy French underwear, gets him to teach her. Gee, can anybody see where this is heading? After swearing that intercourse would be their 'secret' she coaxes him to say "I love you" as he climaxes, but immediately after the deed, two timing Ben is wracked with guilt as this jock is looking for nothing more than a brief dalliance. However Madison is not a girl to take "no" for an answer! She begins an obsessive campaign to win him back and now our hero is the recipient of constant reminders of The Night of Sin, such as flowers on his locker, panties in his truck, and a bombardment of e-mails with near-naked photos of the Swinging Cellist. When he confronts naughty Madison, and tells her to get out of his life, her obsessions quickly spiral out of control into betrayal, and madness. That's when his friends start to turn up dead and other mysterious occurrances begin to happen..... A watered down high school version of Fatal Attraction, except without the surprises, hot sex, half-decent script and the ending is just ridiculous. The only redeeming factor for me was seeing Jesse Bradford in a Speedo.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Aug 28, 2010
    A very underrated edge of your seat thrilling romance of a film. I can't say I love it, but it is very good. Jesse Bradford has not had the chance of being in many good films, and yet, this is one of his best.
    KJ P Super Reviewer
  • Sep 26, 2008
    I only watched this because it was the only thing on tv in the middle of the night when I was still awake. It was pretty much fatal attraction all over again but terrible.
    Megan S Super Reviewer

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