Teddy Bear Reviews

June 17, 2013
The sex and filial troubles of 308-pound persons are not exactly common. But Matthiesen has evoked both the pathos and courage in these troubles, and, with the help of this reticent giant, explores them enticingly.
August 24, 2012
This wispy story is distinguished by its sweetness of spirit, and it comes straight from Kold.
August 23, 2012
A heart-wrenching central performance anchors Mads Matthiesen's intimate, empathetic drama about a Danish bodybuilder who aims to grow up as he nears middle age.
August 22, 2012
Matthiesen and his cast have created a believable space, and that ultimately helps give Teddy Bear the tension of a fine suspense film once Kold sits down across the kitchen table from Steentoft to speak his mind at last.
August 21, 2012
A largely likable tale about a 38-year-old man-child trying finally to grow up.
Top Critic
August 21, 2012
A sweetly muted domestic drama struggling to contain a fierce and ancient folk tale.
August 21, 2012
It's only a slight exaggeration to say Kold gives what may be the performance of the year -- one that not only offsets the movie's momentary dips into self-conscious quirkiness but adds a genuine sweetness to the proceedings.
August 21, 2012
A good tale, simply told.
January 24, 2012
The low-key drama is well-crafted and likable as far as it goes, but there's not enough narrative impetus or depth to maintain more than passing viewer interest.