The FP Reviews

March 22, 2012
Rather than crafting a movie that's so bad it's good, writer-director brothers Jason and Brandon Trost have come up with something that's just plain bad -- and boring, and repetitive.
March 16, 2012
"The FP" so desperately wants to be cultishly admired for its bad-taste rollout of wacko characters, ugly costumes and vulgar slang that it forgets to be genuinely offbeat or funny.
March 15, 2012
You need to find a room full of people who get the joke and see this movie there, because audiences will be laughing so hard they'll be screaming.
March 15, 2012
It falls all over itself to lampoon its midnight-movie forebears even as it borrows their contrivances.
March 15, 2012
"The FP" works best as an operatic parody of mixed genres with lunacy on the fringes.
March 15, 2012
Neither obliviously dreadful enough to be "so bad it's good,'' nor intentionally tongue-in-cheek enough to be funny.
March 15, 2012
It does so much winking, it could be diagnosed with an eye infection.
March 13, 2012
Infinitely better as a beer-goggled pitch than as a feature film, The FP never gets beyond the studied novelty of its own pose.