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September 4, 2011
Good movie saw it on YouTube funny thing is that it's a copy of looneytunes/&/spacejam in a different way of telling the story animation and all so welcome to crazy town bollywood
½ March 16, 2011
awful movie.... bad acting of Ajay Devgan.......
½ February 12, 2011
I found it to be a really awful movie with bad acting. The vastu stuff was overdone and annoying. The cartoon characters were overly caricaturized (if that's even possible for a cartoon, but here it was). Finally the last part of the movie had too much violence to be a 'kid's' movie. Watch Roadside Romeo instead. (My 6 year old son, despite everything, really liked it).
January 11, 2011
You can tell from the trailer, that even if a superstar like Ajay Devgun is in this film without enough pre production and the actors not knowing how to react or even which direction to look at then they will never accomplish an animation and live action film.
January 8, 2011
Good, alright, a bit of comedy, the effects are good but alot more story depth could be added.
½ January 2, 2011
Nice movie ... Kids will definitely will love it... I liked the animation, considering the first Hindi movie that was involving real actors with toon actors...

Watch it ... of course keep your brain at home..
December 29, 2010
Films ok for children not funny at all waste of money
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