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January 12, 2017
I prefer top cat
½ December 10, 2016
Well it's taken 30 years, but I've now been forced to watch this, as apparently it was a sin not to have seen it by now. Probably an even bigger sin that I've hardly seen any of Tom Cruise's movies I'm guessing?! Nothing against him, but they often strike me as being rather plain, middle of he road type stories which I can take or leave. Given that I had at least heard of this, I'm guessing it was going to be one of his better ones, and it was certainly passable - a hot shot pilot and his partner in crime training to be the best of the best as they glide through the training regimes with flying colours. It's unbelievably cheesy to say the least, what with the outfits, the soundtrack, and the banter amongst all the rookies - it's got an 80's stamp all over it. It's highly predictable but what 80's film isn't, so when tragedy strikes, it's not so much emotional, than corny, but this just wouldn't be complete without its high's and its lows. It's got a real Alpha male vibe to it, littered with arrogant characters, sexual tension and plenty of flight time. It's occasionally difficult to track who's who in the fast paced stunts as the helmets mask the faces, but other than Maverick, Goose, and Iceman, all the other characters are largely forgettable anyway. It's certainly a different type of genre to what I'm used to seeing, and admittedly it was very watchable. I'm certainly glad I'm over my top gun hoodoo, but it's not screaming at me to watch it again anytime soon, not even for my wingman!
½ December 4, 2016
So, this film choice happened as my friend was very surprised that I hadn't seen such a classic. This film has recently had it's 30 years anniversary and still remains quite current...I mean, even I've heard of it!!
Top Gun contains abit of action, love, sadness and triumph. Pete Mitchell aka 'Maverick' played by Tom Cruise as a young cocky/daredevil Navy pilot aiming to be the best of the best. He is the main man in this film. For me, 'Maverick' does become likeable.
There are a handful of known actors. Some of the flying scenes lasted slightly too long for me but as I whole I enjoyed the film.
Unsure if I'll be rushing out to buy a pair of aviators - young Tom Cruise carried the look well.
All in all - a good film, easy viewing for a Saturday evening and a great soundtrack
December 2, 2016
This is just a fantastic, entertaining movie about fighter pilots and their competitive school in California nicknamed 'Top Gun.' Tom cruise is at his finest and there's a kind of breezy, macho confidence to everything about this film, from Tony Scott's amber, foggy shots to Val Kilmer's cockiness. It's a pop masterpiece.
November 28, 2016
This is an excellent movie it's a travesty A TRAVESTY that the critics haven not liken this movie to the extent it should be. Maverick OOooeeeeee is he juicy. He is just spicy ohlalaaaaaaa. The plot impeccable IMFUCKINGPECCABLE. That volleyball seen is without the best part of the movie fight me. The only problem is that there is no penile penetration but other than that flawless movie.
November 27, 2016
You can't get any more 80's than Top Gun. Still don't get Kelly McGillis though. Her choppers are just awful.
November 24, 2016
This is rubbish. Don't see why it is so highly thought of as a classic. It's boring as hell. Really dull and bad acting for most actors. Plus it's really cheesy and gay
October 19, 2016
My favorite movie besides DEADPOOL
October 3, 2016
Logical action sequences, good sense of humor and chemistry between all involved elevate it to a pretty good movie. It could have used more mini-plots and a more believable love story, but for the most part its consistently well-made.
September 24, 2016
Oh God why are the RT scores 51. This should at least at 95-100%. This is one of the best tom cruise movies of all time in the 80s.
September 15, 2016
Great early Tony Scott movie, beautiful cinematography- indoors and out- but when Cruise and McGillis are talking to each other, I'm seriously thinking to myself "What the hell are they talking about?" The film could've used more Val Kilmer and less Anthony Edwards.
September 13, 2016
A nice coming of age/buddy cop style movie that's also good at showing all aspects of what being in the army really does to a person. A very good fun movie to watch.
September 9, 2016
A fighter pilot in training falls in love with his instructor in this mild action romance.
½ September 7, 2016
Now realizing while it took so long for me to watch
½ August 30, 2016
Top Gun is a classic piece of Americana.

There's the exuberance in this of being young, free, airborne, and a bit wild. This movie is about going for a ride at up to 9 gs (or up to 9 x the force of gravity). On the ground, there's swagger, partying, pursuing love, going to class, discipline, brotherhood, and coping with tragedy when an accident takes your friend.

The soundtrack is catchy. I still get some of those songs stuck in my head once in a while.

Director Tony Scott was all set to finally make a Top Gun sequel just before he tragically died. Looks like now it will never be done. Tony Scott had a style of his own. Hmmm, maybe somebody could try to step up and do it, in his memory? His brother Ridley makes good movies, too, just with a different style.
August 28, 2016
Has everything, soundtrack, stars and fighter jets.
August 18, 2016
So much testosterone I grew an extra pair of balls. Aerial footage was pretty cool.
August 4, 2016
The first half, filled with cheesy, clunky, cringe-worthy dialogue is almost insufferable. Luckily for Cruise and company, by the time the second half rolls around, the cheese-factor is at least tolerable and somewhat comical during "Gun"'s fist-pump inducing finale, turning what could have been a complete dumpster fire into a decent hate-watch flick.
½ July 19, 2016
Incredibly cheesy. :/
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