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September 11, 2017
Cool plane action for its time. Characters were very entertaining. Typical 80s fun
½ September 4, 2017
If you asked me in the past I probably would have told you I saw Top Gun way back when it came out in the 1980s. I have no distinct memory of seeing it in the theater but I know so much about it including famous lines, the general plot synopsis, and even some entire scenes. So did I see it, or is this just some form of cultural osmosis? I still don?t know for sure. It doesn?t help that I saw Hot Shots dozens of times which imitates many elements of this film. Top Gun is a solid story, though. I enjoy the dogfights in the planes, which are shot in a way that makes it all seem like practical effects. I?m not sure whether they used miniatures, or had actual pilots doing some of it, but it all looked great. Also the hyper-competitive relationships between the different pilots is exactly what I would expect from men in that position. Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and the rest of the guys fit their roles perfectly. Admittedly, Top Gun is overflowing with testosterone, and the one female character is handled horribly. That would be my biggest complaint, that Kelly McGillis seems to be in the film almost exclusively so Tom Cruise has someone to flirt with and eventually sleep with as well. Setting aside the forced romance plot, I like the story of these pilots and I think it is emotional and engaging through most of the runtime. I probably didn?t get hooked on Top Gun at the right time of my life for it to become a nostalgic touchstone, but I still think it is good and worth watching.
August 31, 2017
Seen for the zillionth time - classic
August 28, 2017
Top Gun is one of my favorite Tom Cruise movies! It's not his best performance acting wise cause he's had oscar nominations, but the thrill of the movie is so good it explains why it was the highest grossing movie of the year it came out! It's a must see for all action and Tom Cruise fans!
August 20, 2017
Insanely dumb movie about navy pilots at an elite training academy. This is one of those it's so bad that it's good movies. The script for this movie is just awful. But I don't hate it. It has a certain charm. Despite all the gay overtones.
½ August 13, 2017
I like bad movies but this was dumb. And now Berlin is stuck in my head.
July 31, 2017
Very good movie. The people who doesn't ike this movie probably have were low testosteron or maybe their brains haven't developed properly, that is also a possibiity.
½ July 6, 2017
Critics got this one wrong. Great American classic all about jets and dogfights. Loved the action and the personality of Maverick and all the Top Gun students. Fantastic way to open the eyes of young boys dreaming about flying high, sporting Aviators, and serving the countryThe bond between Maverick and Goose is an inseparable one everyone enjoyed. Hopefully the new one surpasses.
June 20, 2017
Take My Breath Awaaayyyy :))
June 19, 2017
best movie of all time
June 16, 2017
This film is an instant classic. Probably my favorite Tom Cruise film. It has a great soundtrack and great cast. It has a great plot and is never boring. It should be a watch for everyone

Rating: 10/10
June 7, 2017
Classic. Revisited this one recently. It's crazy dated...but like a fine wine, the vintage only adds to the enjoyment. Simple, short and entertaining; it's a little action, a little drama and a little romance all rolled into one beautiful commercial for the navy. You can't ask for more than this. I'd easily watch the film again.
May 24, 2017
How could you NOT like a movie with the song - Bwwwwaaawwww, b bwaaaawww, b bwaaaaah, ba ba ba ba bwaaaaahhhh... etc... Silly gays, it's for straights who like to dream little dreams of post Vietnam bravura. It's also an homage to little guy with a big stick (that's not gay fellows, it's manliness). SO HERE'S THE BIG NEWS - Top Gun 2 is coming soooooon! Tom will rip this one a new exhaust pipe! Don't mope around and blame Tom, hell with new drone footage, it will FAR surpass the orig. I wonder if it will have to do with defeating some nefarious terrorist (hey that rhymed!) organization that threatens the free world... We'll have to wait. TOP GUN 2 is coming, said it here first!!! Can. Not. Wait.
½ April 16, 2017
If you aren't gay going into this movie, you will definitely be gay when the credits roll. Gayest line in Top Gun that can't be unheard, "He's on our tail, coming hard."
April 3, 2017
If you don't love this movie, you're wrong.
March 23, 2017
This is one of those movies the audience loves but critics are too dumb to figure out it's a good movie. Great performances.
½ March 19, 2017
(4.5/5) I'd call it a serious guilty pleasure film, but that would be dishonest; there's nothing guilty about this. Insanely quotable, beautiful cinematography both on the ground and in the air, and some of the most memorable performances I've ever seen. If I had to make a list of my favorite films ever, Top Gun would easily crack the Top 15.
March 18, 2017
I feel The need, the need for speed!
February 13, 2017
Saw it for the first time in 2016. I can see why it's considered a classic since it has some very memorable characters and action shots. The plot is serviceable although both the plot and characters are a little cliched and one-dimensional. I'm guessing this was a very big date movie since it had a lot of action and machismo for the men, while there were good looking actors and a forbidden romance for the women.
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