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June 29, 2018
The Truman show can be frustrating, but also sweet and original in its ideas and execution.
½ June 27, 2018
The Truman Show is unique, witty, and thought-provoking. Jim Carrey plays the role of Truman Burbank perfectly. The inspiring plot leaves viewers rooting for Truman the entire time. The various camera angles throughout the movie also provide viewers with a great experience. In the end, this is a delightful movie with a high re-watchability rate. 4.5/5 stars
June 23, 2018
Who'd have thought one of my all time favourite films would have Jim Carrey in it. Beautiful screenplay, stunning sound track. This will be seen as a masterpiece in years to come.
½ June 20, 2018
Amazing and unique story. There is a reason this movie is considered an all time classic. It takes reality TV to a whole other level. Even with its greatness, it raised a lot of questions, like when did the actress that played his wife or mom ever get to go to their own home. It seemed like their reality was the same as Truman's. At what point do we stop watching someone else's life and focus on our own? Jim Carey was great and truly conveyed a man driven into madness.
June 19, 2018
An interesting idea that was successfully pulled off, Jim Carrey is as insane as ever, but is able to control it enough in this film to work in a sensible way. The only question I have is when will the sequel be released?
June 9, 2018
We had to "analyze" this for a project in school... so I saw this movie three consecutive times over the course of two weeks. Good news though, I am watching it a fourth for my final and am STILL not sick of it! Not only does is the idea interesting enough for me to be immersed in to, but after analyzing it the themes have become a huge part of why I like it!
June 4, 2018
Starting off the movie without knowing what is happening. With the help of every plot twist, this lead to a complete different ending that I was expecting when watching the movie. Just can't deny this is still my favorite after watching it for several times. In case I didn't see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. :D
½ June 3, 2018
This movie sucks out loud - Dubs
½ May 26, 2018
one of my favorite films, i love Jim Carrey's performance as his character is faced with many challenges as Truman is turned from a normal person to someone who is questioning the truth as he uncovers very unusual secrets about his world, changing his perception of the life he lives
May 13, 2018
Jim Carrey at his best.
½ May 1, 2018
Jim Carrey Gives His Best Performance And The Script/Direction Is Near Perfect
½ April 19, 2018
a man's life which is, unknown to him, a 24/7 reality tv show. nowhere near as good as it sounds. the situation is unrealistic and the actual movie can't seem to make up its mind whether it's a drama or comedy. jim carrey is frustratingly dumb for the majority of the movie. ed harris gives it his best but the script can't cover the plotholes and the overall dullness and outdated look of this movie. bad, inconsistent and not clever at all.
April 15, 2018
"The Truman Show" is not what you expected from Jim Carrey. But because of his fantastic performance and facial expressions, "The Truman Show" posses a man who can't ever be unloved.
March 26, 2018
A wonderful movie with the great Jim Carrey and plenty of interesting characters to keep this movie going! What an unusual and entertaining film! Jim Carrey has always been my favorite actor!
March 15, 2018
An interesting, exciting film I've ever seen, simple but nice love story.
February 18, 2018
The Truman Show, released in 1998 is the story about an insurance adjuster who starts discovering that his life and the people in it may not be as they seem and he subsequently begins to unravel. The movie made me feel incredibly compelled. Throughout the whole film, I found myself paying more and more attention to the details - watching the ways in which they created this world, as well as to how Truman was reacting to the environment he was in. I thought that it was an incredibly well done film that was so well thought out. It was one of those films where you could tell that every single piece and detail was intentional. The acting, especially that of Jim Carrey's was phenomenal. I enjoyed the scene in the beginning of the film where he was about to get on the ferry, but was unable to do so. His physicalization of not being able to get on the boat and showing how that affected him gave us so much insight into his character and where he was coming from. The story and the writing did such a great job setting up moments of conflict and heightening the tension. I particularly enjoyed when Truman is setting out to sea and Christof deliberately keeps making the weather worse, in an effort to deter Truman. In terms of directing, I thought that the film was very well executed. The shots chosen were so interesting and added to the intrigue of the story, and how this made-up world operates. I particularly enjoyed shots such as the one that is set in Truman's dashboard that follows him while he drives. I also enjoy the shot that looks like it is set up within a billboard outside of Truman's work. It is these aspects that make us feel that we are a part of Truman's world and allow us to be more invested in the film. As far as the genre is concerned, I feel that this film would classify as a drama. Commercially, I feel that this movie would likely appeal more to people within the 20-30's age range. This film came out at a time when reality television was new and up and coming, so I feel that at the time it was something that a lot of individuals would feel intrigued by. It displays a new world and environment that is unbeknownst to us.
February 12, 2018
This is not like any ordinary movie, this particular film emphasizes the beauty of the film through Jim Carrey's spectacular performance. The Truman Show is perfect in every way!
½ February 12, 2018
Scary, funny, intriguing. But also (unlike this) real.
February 10, 2018
interesting story idea
January 17, 2018
Jim Carrey gives a magnificent performance and the movie is still timeless.
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