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Twenty years after being exiled from the village in which he was born, a mighty warrior returns to his home to find that a ruthless tyrant has slaughtered his family and spread death and despair across the land. Everything Turok ever knew is now gone, and the man responsible for this untold destruction is a ruthless warlord named Chichak. Now, with vengeance in his blood and nothing left to lose, Turok will cross fearlessly over into the Lost Land - a treacherous place where savagery rules, and primeval beasts stalk their prey with vicious ferocity. But Turok's tireless quest for revenge won't be easy, because before he reaches Chichak he will be forced to contend with not only man-eating dinosaurs and brutal cave-dwellers, but also the darkness that dwells somewhere deep within his own troubled soul.


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  • Feb 27, 2010
    I have to say that overall we have no-holds bar action and violence. There are severed heads, blood splattering, and Turok delivering good old fashion beat-downs on enemy warriors and dinosaurs alike. Turok's design is good and stays true to his comic origins. His sidekick from the comics, Andar, is there too. And the designs for the Lost Land and the dinosaurs within are all very well done. On the other hand, the animation reminds me of some of the recent Marvel and DC animated projects. And while I think that style is good, it just didn't seem to fit with all the violence. Overall, the voice cast is just OK. No one, not even Turok, seems to stand out. The musical score is great at times- very orchestral and moving. But other times, it's almost synthesized and doesn't fit with the movie. It's an origin story for Turok and covers all the basics while adding new reasons for him to venture into the lost land. I just think this more mature movie would have benefited from more mature animation. The story is really quite simple - one day Turok and his brother encounter warriors from an enemy tribe, and defending a girl from their village (Turok's brother future wife) they get into a fight. Turok goes berserker mode and slashes through the enemies... and his brother. In his rage Turok almost kills his brother and the shaman of their tribe sends him into exile. Some 16 years later Turok is asked for help by his brother's son. Turok seems grumpy for being casted away and refuses to take part in the action. But later the boy returns and brings news that his tribe is almost wiped out. Turok takes his tomahawk and goes to help his bro, only to find him almost dead... and he eventually dies after he asks Turok to swear that he will take care for the boy and his mother. Back to the village the leader of the aggressors recognizes Turok's tomahawk - it was his father's and Turok took it years before at that battle in the beginning of the movie. The bad guy wants to avenge his father's death and goes on a rampage, trying to kill Turok. Going through a cave the Indians find themselves in The Lost Land (quite like Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World) - where dinosaurs and prehistoric mammal beasts coexist with savage hordes of "The Missing Link" or something (you know, some huge ugly hard-to-kill humanoid hulks) and Indian tribes. The battle continues... There is not much of a dialog. No memorable quotes, no one-liners. I feel that the characters are somehow flat, they lack emotional depth and motivation. No inner struggle, no inside conflict. And no comic relief. The quality of the animation is above average, but far from great. Nothing you haven't seen - no innovative style or some recognizable character design. It's not bad, it's OK. And there are some nice looking Indian chicks :) The backgrounds are not really detailed, but on the other hand - what's there to be detailed? Rocks and cliffs? The dinosaurs are OK, but they lack color nuance and shading. And so do the characters in some scenes. And I forgot to mention - there is not a trace of some fancy 3D CGI cell-shading stuff, which I find good - old fashioned 2d works just fine for me. The only thing that seemed crappy were the computer generated flames for the fire effects in some scenes. There's plenty of action, gallons of animated blood and even some cut-off limbs. But that will only shock you if you've been watching Bambie all your life. The blood and the battles are no match for a good anime style fight, where everything is presented with some wicked camera angles, fast movements and dramatic pauses. There's an attempt for a showdown at the end of the movie, but it doesn't really work out like in the spaghetti westerns. All in all - the movie is worth watching, it has its moments, but it could have been much more. I enjoyed it because we rarely have the chance to see something more mature oriented and not-anime. The character designs look like a watered down version of Mulan and Pocahontas, spliced with the more modern stylized aesthetics of the Legion of Superheroes cartoon series. The art is FLAT. Clothing detail and shadowing are kept to a bare minimum with almost no shading other than a flat color fill for many of the action scenes. The backgrounds are OK, standard animation backgrounds. More lush than those in TV series but not as detailed as those in movies. The animation for the most part is stiff and choppy. It is about as good as Superman: the Animated series or Gargoyles. This is a 2008 animated movie that has the animation quality of 1990s TV series. It not only looks bad, but sounds bad. The sound effects come across as a little fake and the mixing is all over the place. Punches sound the same as tree branches cracking, arrows hitting a stone wall sound the same as axes hitting a wooden shield. Whats more, the dinosaur sounds are very obviously lion roars, maybe taken off national geographic or animal planet. No attempt whatsoever was made to give the dinosaurs unique sounds. The story and characterization are also nothing to speak of. It is a straight forward adventure story with little twists and no surprises. A exiled warrior has to save his old friend and her son from a twisted warlord from a rival tribe. Through some mishap, they land up in a lost world of Dinosaurs and cavemen from which they must now fight for their very survival and hopefully make it back out alive. The characters all lack depth and never in the whole movie does one get to emotionally relate to any of them. They are just "there" to move the story along to the next fight scene. A few good pointers to this otherwise dismal film. The fight scenes are awesome. When the action starts, suddenly the level of animation jumps to new heights. Utilizing some of the smoothest slow motion seen in animation, some of the fight scenes seem visibly influenced by films like "300". (I think they blew most of the budget on these superbly animated fights). Bloodletting is at an all time high with severed limbs, torn flesh and broken bones in rich gory detail. Also, though the dinosaurs don't sound cool,they look cool. The lack of proper shadowing and shading make some dino scenes look flat but their designs and movement animation seem spot on when compared to other dinosaur films like Jurassic park. During 20 years in exile, Turok has become a powerful and feared warrior. He now returns home to find his village destroyed and his family slaughtered at the hands of the ruthless tyrant Chichak. On a mission of vengeance, Turok must journey to the Lost Land, a savage place forgotten by time, where primeval beasts hunt all who enter. Turok will face his greatest battle as he fights man-eating dinosaurs, merciless cave dwellers, and the darkness inside himself to take revenge on his sworn enemy. In this epic journey, Turok will find his destiny. In this Lost Land A legend is born.
    Sergio E Super Reviewer
  • Mar 08, 2009
    It was okay. I watched it because nothing else was on
    Remi L Super Reviewer
  • Jul 15, 2008
    Although the animation is some of the worst I've seen and the story is shit. I've never seen a western animated movie with so much blood and violence. Definitly worth a look.
    Jonny C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 24, 2008
    Surprisingly brutal and violent animated take on Turok. Nothing new here, certainly predictable, but done well enough. Gets by quite a bit on the pure shock of how bloody it is. This one ain't for kiddies.
    Steve K Super Reviewer

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