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November 24, 2011
November 16, 2011
April 14, 2011
A maddening movie that gives the viewer plenty to think about, but little to care about.
January 31, 2011
White Material is unhurried in its storytelling but unshakable in its impact.
January 14, 2011
A thoughtful, if sometimes frustrating, tale of a Frenchwoman caught in the middle of a civil war in an unidentified African country.
January 6, 2011
A poignant, haunting study of well-intentioned but doomed folly, embodied by a heroine whose bravery renders her blind to the world that is crumbling around her.
December 17, 2010
It's one of those movies where questions like "Why didn't they do that?" or "Wait, what's their relationship?" keep popping up. And for the most part, those questions never get answered.
December 17, 2010
This haunting drama by Claire Denis burns with a mute fear and rage at the ongoing atrocities in central Africa.
December 9, 2010
A mournful, frightening, powerful film.
December 2, 2010
Simultaneously poetic, dramatic and realistic, "White Material" is an altogether stunning work.
November 19, 2010
It's a disorientingly beautiful movie at times, which promises -- as Denis always does, I think -- that human madness and human love will balance each other out, in the fullness of time.
November 19, 2010
'White Material" unites France's most precious actress, Isabelle Huppert, with one of that nation's leading directors, Claire Denis. The result is as impressive as one would expect.
November 19, 2010
Its dramatic vexations are at war with Denis' prodigious visual skill. And the fight, ultimately, rewards the viewer.
November 18, 2010
A striking film filled with images that sometimes reveal their full meaning only when their beauty curdles in the chain of signification.
November 18, 2010
The chief pleasure of Claire Denis' work is that it's incomplete, at least in the sense that the audience has to be engaged in completing it.
November 18, 2010
This is a beautiful, puzzling film. The enigmatic quality of Huppert's performance draws us in.
November 18, 2010
An intense, mysterious drama exploring revolution and loss.
November 17, 2010
Almost everything here seems off.
November 16, 2010
[Claire Denis's] tense, convulsive White Material is a portrait of change and a thing of terrible beauty.
July 8, 2010
Another solid entry in the Denis resume.
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