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Captain Marvel (2019) Richard von Busack Despite some starchy Louisiana heartland sequences, this is an effective fantasy of power used with grace and without arrogance. EDIT
Posted Mar 13, 2019
Stan & Ollie (2018) Richard von Busack J‌on S. Baird's biopic Stan & Ollie has a certain inflationary quality, regarding the appeal of a comedy team in their sunset years. But in lovingly recreating Laurel and Hardy's mid-1950s tour of Britain, it's a film with lots of charm. EDIT
Posted Jan 23, 2019
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018) Richard von Busack If the Coens' Hail, Caesar! seemed like inside baseball, this savage assault on the milk-drinking cowboys of yesterday delves even deeper into semi-forgotten movies. EDIT
Posted Nov 14, 2018
Hannah Gadsby: Nanette (2018) Richard von Busack Nanette isn't for someone who wants to laugh a lung out, and yet it's something everyone should see. EDIT
Posted Jul 19, 2018
Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018) Richard von Busack Certainly one of the most romantic of the 10 films so far. But it's also spotted with doughy patches, heavy info dumps and battle scenes that aren't quite coherent. EDIT
Posted May 23, 2018
Deadpool 2 (2018) Richard von Busack The film is not as overfilling as the first Deadpool, and from a nerd standpoint it has a little more respect for the chrome giant Colossus than its predecessor. EDIT
Posted May 16, 2018
Disobedience (2017) Richard von Busack Chile's Sebastián Lelio exemplifies the best talents of a women's director: the empathy, the ability to dramatize without soaking in cheap emotion and the expert use of the close-up shot. EDIT
Posted May 15, 2018
A Beautiful Day (2017) Richard von Busack Director Lynne Ramsay cuts away anything thrilling, or even compelling. It's a vigilante movie so aestheticized that it loses its energy - knuckle sandwiches with the crusts cut off, served on a doily. EDIT
Posted May 11, 2018
1945 (2017) Richard von Busack The fateful year 1945 may seem like the distant past, but this movie is timely. EDIT
Posted Apr 20, 2018