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Las Muertes Chiquitas (2010) Anton Bitel a tripartite compendium whose very title (a metonymic phrase for orgasm and post-coital tristesse) promises a transgressive admixture of sex and death that the three films certainly go on to deliver. EDIT
Posted Aug 11, 2013
Fresh Meat (2012) Anton Bitel while Mulheron's film works perfectly well as an over-the-top caper-like cluster***k of clashing values and transgressive tropes, it also has just enough locally sourced meat on the bone to emerge with its own peculiar textures and flavours. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2013
The Devil's Sisters (1966) Anton Bitel although she is repeatedly objectified by the sisters, their henchmen and their clients, Teresa's voiceover keeps reminding the viewer of what everyone else tries to deny: her perspective as a victimised subject. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2013
World War Z (2013) Anton Bitel World War Z, you see, is also World War Z-axis, as its 'more is more' approach gradually consumes itself, bloodlessly. Those who survive the experience will shuffle away shaken, but also numb and struggling to care. EDIT
Posted Jun 15, 2013
Warm Bodies (2013) Anton Bitel while Levine's film may distinguish itself both as genre flick and romance, there are problems in its writing that no amount of unnatural love can quite cure. EDIT
Posted Jun 14, 2013
Wrong Turn 5 (2012) Anton Bitel the butchered meat on offer here has long since lost its freshness. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2013
Thale (2012) Anton Bitel the unexpected is precisely what is delivered by this low-budget, high-ambition rewriting of local ancient folklore in a modern idiom. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2013
La cara oculta (2011) Anton Bitel all at once a bizarre love triangle, an even more bizarre ghost story, and a mystery both personal and (mildly) political. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2013
Curandero (2005) Anton Bitel a hallucinatory vision of the Mexican 'underworld' where uncomfortable national realities... are remapped according to the psychedelic charts of Jodorowsky, and viewed through the distorting lens of genre. EDIT
Posted Jun 10, 2013