Mea Culpa


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Not yet willing to believe that Sydney (Jennifer Garner) is the mole in his operation, sinister SD-6 boss Sloane (Ron Rifkin) sets a trap that he hopes will determine Syd's loyalty once and for all. Meanwhile, the wounded Dixon (Carl Lumbly) emerges from his coma, with apparently no memory of the vital Mexico mission. And Will puts his life on the line in his endless efforts to unravel the mystery of Eloise Kurtz, the last person to see Syd's murdered fiancé, Danny, alive.


Jennifer Garner
as Sydney Bristow
Ron Rifkin
as Sloane
Victor Garber
as Jack Bristow
Carl Lumbly
as Marcus Dixon
Miguel Sandoval
as SD-6 Agent Anthony Russek
Tobin Bell
as SD-6 Agent Carl Dryer
Jon Curry
as Phillips
Yvonne Farrow
as Diane Dixon
Tim Halligan
as Dr. Mallaska
Richard F. Whitten
as Off. Pollard
Kaline Carr
as Franco's Assistant
Maurice Irvin
as Man in the Couple
Cosimo Fusco
as Logan Gerace
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