American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)

Murder House
American Horror Story

Critics Consensus

Convoluted yet effective, American Horror Story is strange, gory, and twisted enough to keep viewers hooked.



Critic Ratings: 40


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User Ratings: 2467

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Air date: Oct 5, 2011

Bostonians Ben and Vivien Harmon (Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton) and their teen daughter, Violet (Taissa Farmiga), move into a haunted LA. mansion in the series premiere of a violent, erotically charged horror story about a troubled family. Ben and Vivien are seeking a fresh start following a miscarriage and marital infidelity, and they got the 1920s Victorian-style house for a song. But the previous occupants died in a murder-suicide, and that's only sign No. 1 that something's amiss.

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Air date: Oct 12, 2011

Vivien and Violet get caught in a dangerous situation strangely similar to one from the house's past. Meanwhile, Ben returns to Boston to put an end to a dark chapter in his life. But first, he sees a patient who has nightmares about being cut in half. He also refuses to treat Tate anymore because of the teen's feelings for Violet.

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Air date: Oct 19, 2011

After deciding to sell the house, Vivien learns about its first residents. Meanwhile, Ben's visitor causes him to unravel even more; and Constance and Moira's histories are revealed.

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Air date: Oct 26, 2011

Part 1 of 2. It's Halloween, and the line between the living and the dead blurs at the mansion, where two previous residents (Zachary Quinto and Teddy Sears) offer the Harmons advice. One suggestion: get rid of the gazebo in the back. Meanwhile, Tate fills Violet in on some of the house's history; and Addy decides that she wants to go to the Harmons' Halloween party as "a pretty girl."

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Air date: Nov 2, 2011

Conclusion. Before Halloween night is over, Tate comes face-to-face with his past (and Violet gets a glimpse of it), and Ben and Vivien are haunted by a new houseguest. Vivien also has an unpleasant encounter with Chad (Zachary Quinto). And Ben has it out with Larry Harvey in front of the gazebo.

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Air date: Nov 9, 2011

Constance enlists Violet's help in dealing with Tate while Ben helps a new patient (Eric Stonestreet) confront his fears.

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Air date: Nov 16, 2011

Moira persuades a prospective buyer to make an offer, but Constance and Larry try to undermine her efforts. Meanwhile, Vivien and Luke (Morris Chestnut) grow closer.

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Air date: Nov 23, 2011

The identity of the man in the rubber suit is revealed.

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Air date: Nov 30, 2011

The Black Dahlia (Mena Suvari), a famous Hollywood murder victim from the 1940s, visits the house. Meanwhile, Constance discovers more of Tate's bad behavior.

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Air date: Dec 7, 2011

Violet learns about the rules of the house; the explanation for Larry's condition emerges; and Constance is questioned by police.

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Tv Season Info

The first season of Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" begins as Ben (Dylan McDermott), Vivien (Connie Britton), and their daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) move into a restored mansion in Los Angeles after Ben's extramarital affair leaves the Harmon family in serious need of a fresh start. Their neighbour, Constance Langdon (a role which would eventually win Jessica Lange the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress), wastes no time in becoming a persistent, albeit not entirely welcome presence in their lives, as does her son, Tate (Evan Peters), who Ben believes is a sociopath. Shortly after moving in, the Harmons discover that several violent murders were committed in their new home, which locals have nicknamed "The Murder House", and a series of increasingly disturbing events indicate they may be sharing their home with the restless and violent spirits of those killed.

Cast & Crew

Dylan McDermott
Ben Harmon
Connie Britton
Vivien Harmon
Taissa Farmiga
Violet Harmon
Jessica Lange
Evan Peters
Tate Langdon
Denis O'Hare
Larry Harvey
Frances Conroy
Moira O'Hara
Kate Mara
Hayden McClaine
Lily Rabe
Nora Montgomery
Jamie Brewer
Adelaide 'Addie' Langdon
Matt Ross
Charles Montgomery
Michael Graziadei
Travis Wanderley
Bodhi Schulz
Ryan Murphy
Executive Producer
Brad Falchuk
Executive Producer
Dante Di Loreto
Executive Producer
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News & Interviews for American Horror Story: Murder House

Critic Reviews for American Horror Story Murder House

Audience Reviews for American Horror Story: Murder House

  • Jul 04, 2021
    Entertaining enough, though all the killings do get old, and sometimes there are too many subplots. I suppose this is an erotic thriller too, not sure how I feel about that sometimes. Overall great actors, but the show is rather strange.
  • Jun 17, 2021
    Loved this season!! While it isn't my absolute favorite, AHS has yet to disappoint!
  • May 25, 2021
    Such a great season of AHS. An absolute classic that introduced the world to the show, before knowing it was an anthology series. This season will make you fall in love with the show's recurring and amazing actors, Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe to name a few. I find this season quite scary, giving this season the HORROR aspect of what makes up AHS. This is the iconic season that gave us the infamous Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) and his love with Violet (Taissa Farmiga)!!! A must see, and a great introduction to the series for sure.
  • May 02, 2021
    The first and probably the greatest season of the show. It has a great story, packed with interesting characters and some true scary moments and surprising twists.
  • Apr 19, 2021
    Actually engaging and kept me watching, first couple maybe few seasons of AHS were actually pretty decent. It's got some interesting twists and since it's the first season if you start here the writing style won't be stale and predictable for you yet and it'll be actually interesting to see where they're going with it.
  • Apr 18, 2021
    The one that stared it all!! Still holds up and is just so beautifully written and an amazing start to this anthology series!
  • Apr 13, 2021
    Groundbreaking television from the minds of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The success of this season on FX spawned an anthology of subsequent seasons, which recycled actors and some of the storylines. This season, essentially about a haunted house, is chilling for commercial television. It brought theater like thrills into people's homes when it premiered. The acting of all the main characters, built around the love of Jessica Lange, is great. Sexual. Perverse. Scary. Visually interesting. This is great television. Not all the subsequent seasons match up to this one but some are very good.
  • Apr 10, 2021
    This is the best season of AHS.
  • Mar 22, 2021
    The season suffers from trying to cram enough convoluted plot points and strangely underdeveloped characters to fill a bloated run time, but with a quirky feel and a haunted house story at heart, American Horror Story Murder House is a middle of the road horror outing with few truly bad moments.
  • Mar 22, 2021
    An interesting take on the classic Haunted House concept. Got me hooked immediately. There are many different horror elements featured here to satisfy many different fans of different subgenres as well as the casual viewer.

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