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Part Five of HBO's groundbreaking WWII docudrama miniseries, Band of Brothers, was directed by executive producer Tom Hanks. In this episode, "Crossroads," Colonel Sink (series technical advisor Dale Dye) promotes Captain Winters (Damian Lewis) to Battalion Executive Officer. While Easy Company, under the command of Lieutenant "Moose" Heyliger (Stephen McCole of Rushmore), rescues a large group of British soldiers who are in hiding after getting trapped behind enemy lines during Operation Market Garden, Winters sits behind a desk, typing out a report of the company's previous encounter with the Germans. Winters, at the insistence of his friend, intelligence officer Lieutenant Nixon (Ron Livingston), takes leave and travels to Paris, but he's too distracted by his memories of combat -- in particular his shooting of one young German soldier -- to enjoy his trip. Upon his return to battalion headquarters, he has a brief encounter with the injured Sergeant "Buck" Compton (Neal McDonough), who also seems haunted by his battle experience. Then, Winters joins the company as they race to the front, where they meet other Allied forces, retreating from a vicious German counterattack in the Ardennes Forest. Here, Easy Company, ill-equipped to deal with the cold weather and short on rations and ammo, is charged with helping defend the strategic crossroads of Bastogne from German attack. Viewers may spot Jimmy Fallon of Saturday Night Live, who makes a brief appearance as a lieutenant dropping off some ammo for the company.


Damian Lewis
as Richard Winters
Ron Livingston
as Lewis Nixon
Kirk Acevedo
as Joseph D. Toye
Nicholas Aaron
as Robert E. `Popeye' Wynn
Doug Allen
as Alton M. More
Philip Barantini
as Wayne A. `Skinny' Sisk
George Calil
as James H. `Mo' Alley Jr.
Michael Cudlitz
as Denver `Bull' Randleman
Dale Dye
as Robert F. Sink
Jimmy Fallon
as Farris Rice
Michael Fassbender
as Burton P. `Pat' Christenson
Dexter Fletcher
as John W. Martin
Rick Gomez
as George Luz
Scott Grimes
as Donald G. Malarkey
Craig Heaney
as Roy W. Cobb
Nigel Hoyle
as Leo Boyle
Mark Huberman
as Lester `Leo' Hashey
Frank John Hughes
as William J. Guanere
Robin Laing
as Edward J. `Babe' Heffron
Mark Lawrence
as William H. Dukeman Jr.
Matthew Leitch
as Floyd M. `Tab' Talbert
John Light
as O. Dobey
James Madio
as Frank J. Perconte
Tim Matthews
as Alex M. Penkala Jr.
Peter McCabe
as Donald B. Hoobler
Ross McCall
as Joseph D. Liebgott
Stephen McCole
as Fred `Moose' Heyliger
Neal McDonough
as Lynn D. `Buck' Compton
Phil McKee
as Robert L. Strayer
Rene L. Moreno
as Joseph Ramirez
David Nicolle
as Thomas A. Peacock
Peter O'Meara
as Norman Dike Jr.
Luke Roberts
as Herbert Suerth
Simon Schatzberger
as Joseph Lesniewski
Douglas Spain
as Antonio C. Garcia
Richard Speight Jr
as Warren H. `Skip' Muck
Shane Taylor
as Eugene G. Roe
Donnie Wahlberg
as C. Carwood Lipton
Rick Warden
as Harry F. Welsh
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