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A sturdy sitcom about brash football coach Hayden Fox, who began with the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles when the series kicked off in 1989 and switched to the professional Orlando Breakers in '95. Hayden also made the leap to marriage in that time, saying `I do' to steady squeeze Christine.

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1996, ABC, 23 episodes

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1995, ABC, 25 episodes

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1994, ABC, 26 episodes

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1993, ABC, 27 episodes

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1992, ABC, 22 episodes

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1991, ABC, 21 episodes

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1990, ABC, 22 episodes

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1989, ABC, 20 episodes

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1989, ABC, 13 episodes


Craig T. Nelson
as Coach Hayden Fox
Jerry Van Dyke
as Asst. Coach Luther Van Dam
Shelley Fabares
as Christine Armstrong Fox
Bill Fagerbakke
as Dauber Dybinski
Clare Carey
as Kelly Fox
Kris Kamm
as Stuart Rosebrock
Pam Stone
as Coach Judy Watkins
Kenneth Kimmins
as Howard Burleigh
Travis McKenna
as Fred Webb
Georgia Engel
as Shirley Burleigh
Katherine Helmond
as Doris Sherman
Rita Taggart
as Ruthanne
Vicki Juditz
as Rosemary
Brennan Felker
as Timothy David `T.D.' Fox
Brian Felker
as Timothy David `T.D.' Fox
Pat Crawford Brown
as Mrs. Thorkelson
Joe Fowler
as Bob Clifton
Jim Boeke
as Mr. Dybinski
Raye Birk
as Riley Pringle
K Callan
as Marion
Rob Schneider
as Leonard Kraleman
Tim Choate
as Earl Gleem
James McDonnell
as Sportscaster No. 1
Allen Lulu
as Stage Manager
Todd Bryant
as Billy Cardell
Bruce French
as Dr. Nichols
Nancy Marchand
as Mrs. Watkins
Eric Christmas
as Captain Whizbang
Mik Scriba
as Bartender
Jane Downs
as Receptionist
Karen L. Scott
as Receptionist
Lucy Liu
as Nicole
Loren Haynes
as Bernard
Alan Oppenheimer
as Dr. Alshire
Ronnie Schell
as Dr. Howard
John McMartin
as Judge Watkins
Lane Davies
as Gerry Finnegan
Paul Napier
as Victor Boxman
Bruce Jarchow
as Sportscaster No. 2
Alberto Isaac
as Kimo Kahunamoku
Britt Leach
as Conductor
Jim Doughan
as Janitor
Doug Ballard
as Reporter
Bryan Clark
as Waterman
Dick Butkus
as Dick Butkus
Beverly Leech
as Receptionist
Jack Lightsy
as Patrick
Jimm Giannini
as Pizza Man
Meg Wyllie
as Mrs. Cumin
Cal Gibson
as Mr. Clark
Henry Gibson
as Ted Tilly
Milly Ericson
as Waitress
Marilyn Rockafellow
as Gallery Owner
Sandy Faison
as Beverly Graustark
Greg Fine
as Announcer
Tim Agee
as Mason
Perry Anzilotti
as Stage Manager
Stu Levin
as Charles
Patrick Cranshaw
as Knickerbocker
Dustin MacDonald
as Stage Manager
Mark Lowenthal
as Hospital Clerk
Alan Rosenberg
as Prof. Sterling
John McCafferty
as Reporter No. 1
Julie Lloyd
as Miss Grey
Phyllis Avery
as Woman No. 2
Jay Crimp
as Parade Official
Kenneth Scherr
as Twins' Father
Ed Morgan
as Trainer
Henry Jones
as Mr. Newbower
Bill Wiley
as Robert
Annie Korzen
as Florence
Wayne C. Dvorak
as Maitre d'
Jed Rhein
as Bobby
April Ortiz
as Receptionist
Stan Ivar
as David
Bibi Besch
as Dr. Andrea Wise
Patrick Macnee
as Mr. Thind
Peter Jason
as Harry Heftler
John O'Hurley
as Dr. Salters
Javier Grajeda
as Band Leader
Tom Virtue
as Doctor
Aaron Lustig
as Tim Van Poppel
Nigel Gibbs
as Orderly No. 1
Rick E. Layne
as Amazing Andy
F.J. O'Neil
as Jack Lyons
Paul Kent
as Mr. Burrows
Yul Vázquez
as Alberto Roca
Tom Isbell
as Dr. Toomin
Vicky Juditz
as Rosemary
Charles Bouvier
as Blaisdell
Joe Dorsey
as Male Patron
Rob Youngblood
as Terry Monahan
Ted Hayden
as Maitre d'
Chris Carrington
as Player No. 1
Lenny Wolpe
as Dr. Mathews
Dennis Brooks
as Announcer
Steve Hytner
as Desk Clerk
Alan Young
as Park Ranger
Darryl Robinson
as Player No. 2
Joanna Daniels
as Erika Danko
Brandon Douglas
as Dr. Freeman
Blake Clark
as Buffalo Billy
Gina Lamond
as Assistant
Dustin Cook
as Croupier
Alan Rafkin
as Ancient Man
Michael Lee Gogin
as Dwarf No. 6
Rob Garrison
as Bill Bradshaw
Tony Longo
as Bert Wilkins
Kimberly Grant
as Receptionist
Monica Moran
as Maureen
Dee Freeman
as Mrs. Simm
Cameron Finley
as Little Boy
Gil Christner
as Minister
Clayton Norcross
as Ski Patrolman
Wayne Winton
as Security Guard
Barbara Murray
as Older Woman
Don Perry
as Judge
Will Nye
as Mr. Gordon
Wesley Thompson
as Paramedic
Andy Garrison
as Security Guard
Chip Albers
as Joe Westbrook
Dede Shire
as Second Woman
Karen Bankhead
as Elizabeth
Gergia Engel
as Shirley
Connie Ray
as Mary Luba
Claudette Nevins
as Mrs. DiMateo
Ron Fassler
as Krastack
Mark Nassar
as Delivery Man
Elya Baskin
as Police Officer No. 1
Cork Hubbert
as Dwarf No. 7
John O'Leary
as Mr. Porter
Kevin Cooney
as Minister
Boris Krutonog
as Police Officer No. 2
Jay Howarth
as Reporter
Lillian Adams
as Old Lady
Michael Ensign
as Father Engler
Nedra Volz
as Gertrude
Miles Perlich
as Delivery Man
Lou Holtz
as Himself
Charles Napier
as Buzz Durkin
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TV Network: ABC
Premiere Date: Feb 28, 1989
Genre: Comedy
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