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This post-apocalyptic drama takes place in the year 25 A.E., when an army of lower angels has waged war against mankind. Coming out of the 25-year-long battle are newly fortified cities that protect humans who survived the war. The largest of the cities -- Vega, formerly Las Vegas -- sees two houses vying for control, as political upheaval and a shift in power are on the horizon. Alex, a soldier helping protect Vega's aristocracy, is watched over by archangel Michael, the only angel to turn against his kind and side with humans during the Extermination War. Alex has a secret relationship with Claire, daughter of the Lord of the City, who wants her to marry someone else to help move the city past the caste system.

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Cast & Crew

Christopher Egan
Alex Lannon
Tom Wisdom
Roxanne McKee
Claire Riesen
Alan Dale
Gen. Riesen
Anthony Head
David Whele
Luke Allen-Gale
William Whele
Rosalind Halstead
Sen. Becca Thorn
Scott Stewart
Executive Producer
Vaun Wilmott
Executive Producer
David Lancaster
Executive Producer
Deran Sarafian
Executive Producer
Todd Harthan
Executive Producer
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