Going Home


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Eight weeks after attempting suicide, head nurse Carol (Julianna Margulies) returns to work at the ER. Meanwhile, Greene (Anthony Edwards) forces a family to come to grips with a domestic abuser in their midst. And Carter (Noah Wyle) learns a lesson in compassion from a mysterious female patient (played by Rosemary Clooney, the aunt of series regular George Clooney), who bursts into song at the slightest provocation.


Anthony Edwards
as Mark Greene
George Clooney
as Douglas Ross
Sherry Stringfield
as Susan Lewis
Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton
Julianna Margulies
as Carol Hathaway
Noah Wyle
as John Carter
John Wheeler
as Mr. Resnick
Sam Anderson
as Jack Kayson
John Terry
as David Cvetic
William H. Macy
as Dr. David Morganstern
Tyra Ferrell
as Dr. Sarah Longworthy
Rick Rossovich
as Dr. John Taglieri
Anne Haney
as Ms. Packer
Scott Jaeck
as Dr. Steve Flint
John LaMotta
as Ivan Gregor
Joseph Ung
as Frank Cheung
Ping Wu
as Mr. Cheung
Karen Huie
as Mrs. Cheung
Byron Stewart
as Mr. Layton
Valeri Ross
as McGillis
Ray Boyle
as Mr. Flannigan
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