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This riveting dramatic series portrays the dedication and passion of emergency-room doctors and medical staff in a Chicago teaching hospital. Developments in the healers' lives include a new baby, an engagement and an emotional visit home.


Anthony Edwards
as Mark Greene
George Clooney
as Douglas Ross
Eriq La Salle
as Peter Benton
Julianna Margulies
as Carol Hathaway
Noah Wyle
as John Carter
Laura Innes
as Kerry Weaver
Gloria Reuben
as Jeanie Boulet
Alex Kingston
as Elizabeth Corday
Mariska Hargitay
as Cynthia Hooper
Maria Bello
as Del Amico
John Aylward
as Dr. Donald Anspaugh
Jorja Fox
as Dr. Maggie Doyle, Maggie Doyle
Emily Wagner
as Pickman
Trevor Morgan
as Scott Anspaugh
Jonathan Scarfe
as Chase Carter
Clancy Brown
as Ellis West
Bonnie Bartlett
as Mrs. Ruth Greene, Ruth Greene
Frances Sternhagen
as Millicent Carter
Michèle Morgan
as Allison Beaumont
Paul McCrane
as Robert Romano
Michael Beach
as Al Boulet
John Cullum
as David Greene
Chad Lowe
as George Henry
Dan Hedaya
as Attorney, Herb Spivak
Dinah Lenney
as Shirley
Erica Gimpel
as Adele Newman
Sam Vlahos
as Pablos
William H. Macy
as Dr. David Morganstern
George Eads
as EMT George Powell
Joe Torry
as Chris
Holmes Osborne
as Dr. Sayers
Rick Cramer
as McCormick
James LeGros
as Dr. Max Rosher
Michael Jace
as Billy Nelson
Danielle Harris
as Laura Quentin
Meredith Zinner
as Chastity Lee
Caitlin Dulany
as Heather Morgan
Ted Rooney
as Tabash
Taylor Negron
as Mr. Prole, Prole
Tara Chocol
as Vicki McNeal
David Green
as Alan McConagha
James Dalesandro
as Mexican Man
Keon Hall
as Jason
Robert Symonds
as Adm. Jay Jackson
Michael Rispoli
as Nable, Victor Nable
Stacey Travis
as Det. Weller
Kenneth Tigar
as Dr. Keinholz
Dennis Boutsikaris
as Dr. David Kotlowitz
Gary Grubbs
as Televangelist
Michael Kagan
as Arteburn
David Denman
as Jeremy, Jeremy Willis/"Angel"
Jessica Tuck
as Dr. Hemmings
Christine Harnos
as Jenn Simon
Gus Corrado
as Bluefield
Michael Ironside
as Dr. William Swift, Swift
Michael Rapaport
as Paul Canterna, Security Guard
Jules Sylvester
as Jungle Gary
Rose Gregorio
as Helen Hathaway
Coby Bell
as Brett Nicholson, Marathoner
Shaun Toub
as Butler, Mohammad
Joey Perillo
as Trapped Man
Swoosie Kurtz
as Tina Marie Chambliss
Greg Serano
as EVAC Pilot
Sarah Hudnut
as Med Student
Ed Lauter
as Fire Capt. Dannaker
Patrick Kilpatrick
as Matthew Lindermulder
Hill Harper
as Mr. Jackson
Lisa Edelstein
as Aggie Orton
Paul Kreppel
as Rodney Price
Ivy Borg
as Trauma Nurse #1
Sam Anderson
as Dr. Jack Kayson
Matthew Butcher
as Evac Corpsman
Monica Parker
as Allergic Woman
Tricia Cast
as Mary Jo Reynolds
Erica Yohn
as Ann Reilly
Lily Knight
as Mary Cochran
Badja Djola
as Mike Lembreaux
Matthew Glave
as Dr. Dale Edson
Irma A.E. Esparza
as Choir Member #1
Richard Edson
as Vinnie LaFontaine
Alicia Malias
as Choir Member #2
Amanda Carlin
as Librarian
Yu Kun Lu
as Wan Sak Jang
Robert Knepper
as Keith Reynolds
Art La Fleur
as Miles, Miles Kearney
John Pleshette
as Mr. Schoenberger
Taylor Nichols
as Mr. Adams
Esperanza Rivera
as Choir Member #3
Davenia McFadden
as Mrs. Bevins
Marc Lawrence I
as Mr. Newton
David Brisbin
as Dr. Alexander Babcock
Natalie Core
as Mrs. Larkin
Darnell Williams
as Mr. Williams
Jack Kehler
as Jail Officer
Morgan Nagler
as Natalie Logan
Roberto Álvarez
as Ernesto Ruiz
Alice Amter
as Dr. Miriam Nagarwala
Tricia Dong
as Nurse Joyce
John Walcutt
as Cancer Specialist
Brittany Haid
as ER Nurse
Bob Larkin
as Junior Neurologist
Mike Genovese
as Off. Al Grabarsky
Amanda Wyss
as Mrs. Adams
Nicki Micheaux
as Mrs. Williams
Guadalupe Vasquez Torres
as Choir Member #4
Connie Ray
as Glenda
Mindy Seeger
as Barbara Leibman
Kieran Mulroney
as Marty's Father
Rick Hall
as Detective in Larkin Case
Tony Abatemarco
as Loan Officer
Randy Kovitz
as Dr. Black
Stuart McLean
as Radiology Tech
Greg Mullavey
as Airplane Reject
Trudy LaBandelo
as Trauma Nurse #2
Harold Perrineau
as Isaac, Isaac Price
Eric Saiet
as Alex Dibble
Renee Faia
as Brianna Thomas
Sherman Howard
as Mr. Schoenberger
Rebecca Tilney
as Judy Cochran
Henry LeBlanc
as Bartender
Mickey Rooney
as Dr. George Bikel
Jesse Borrego
as HIV-Positive Patient
CCH Pounder
as Dr. Angela Hicks
Lillian Hurst
as Mrs. Landeta
John Hostetter
as The Younger Mr. Newton
Seth Jaffe
as Prole's Assistant
Peter Murnik
as Off. Mulvahill
Megan Cole
as Pathologist
Tom Troupe
as Tancred Baumgartner
Brooke Ashley Stephens
as Evette Anspaugh
Cristine Rose
as Mrs. Martinez
Derek Sitter
as Chopper Pilot
Kristian Sorenson
as Color Guard Commander
Tegan West
as Construction Owner
Michael Borton
as Tom Angevine
Yvonne Zima
as Rachel Greene
Rick Overton
as Mr. McNamara
George Plimpton
as John Carter Sr.
Amy Farrington
as Sandy Nader
Jo Deodato Clark
as Margaret Scarletti
David Paul Sommer
as Robert Cochran
Susannah Cranage
as Nurse Sullivan
David Paul Sommer
as Robert Cochran
Lombardo Boyar
as Morris Campbell
Josie DiVincenzo
as Off. Christine Jeffrey
Frederick Dawson
as Bus Driver
Kaz Garas
as Tom Melgato
Lawrence McNeal III
as Mr. Fuhrbusch
Mary Wickliffe
as Evidence Tech
Robert Covarrubias
as Manny Lopez
Lauri Johnson
as Oncology Nurse
Sondra Blake
as Ethyl Hayes
Jerome J. Front
as Alan Brackup
Jan Hastings
as Pedestrian
Jesse Garcia
as Daniel Rodriguez
Wanya Green
as Theresa
Don Perry
as Dr. Sam Breedlove
Christopher Michael
as Security Guard
Geraldine Hughes
as Susan McFarlan
Grady Hutt
as Greg Hunt
Jacqueline Schultz
as Mrs. Blevins
Robert Alvarez
as Ernesto Ruiz
James Kiriyama Lem
as Dr. Mitsuma
Tom Chick
as Weissbroot
Cynthia Ruffin
as Young Mom
Melody Garrett
as Jackie Teller
Ming Lo
as Lindsay Jang
Rick Alviti
as Junior Elvis
Terry Cain
as Mrs. Angevine
John Judd
as Ricci
Penelope Windust
as Mrs. Martineau
Darion Basco
as Justin Chang
Melora Marshall
as Mrs. Logan
Gary Ballard
as Arnold Plum
Linda Ljoka
as Julie Ryan
Catie Dinsmoor
as Amy Nable
François Chau
as Neurosurgeon
Judy Herrera
as Pedes Nurse
Darwyn Carson
as Katherine Dunlap
Robert DoQui
as Minister
Kristy Dinsmoor
as Amy Nable
Lisa Dinkins
as Dr. Hennessy
Matthew Fishman
as Todd Lebeck
Ames Ingham
as Kirsten
Michael Milgrom
as Joseph Kupchak
Nicole Mancera
as Cylla Voliotis
Audrey Gelfand
as Weeping Woman
Daniel Murray
as Med Tech
Richard Morrison
as Mr. Deindorfer
Bayani Ison
as Delivery Man
Joanie Fox
as Waitress
Margarita O'Quendo
as Marta Rodriguez
Page Leong
as Gloria
Googy Gress
as Head Lac
Regina Randolph
as Katherine
Anna Gray Garduno
as Mrs. McClay
Linda Porter
as Inga Paulsen
Furley Lumpkin
as Dr. Corelli
Mohamed Omar
as Dr. Radhakrishnan
Joe D. Jonz
as Belinski
Kyle Richards
as Dialysis Tech
James Hornbeck
as Dr. David Zaccarria
Peter Wilcox
as Over-the-Hill Elvis
Peggy Mannix
as Mrs. Styman
Austin James Peck
as Angevine's Son
Harris Shore
as Gym Teacher
J.D. Williams
as Bartender
Casey Stengal
as Tommy Gruger
Kevin Weisman
as Glenn Krakowski
Jackie Milines
as Thomas Anders
Leslie Jones
as Oncology Nurse
Carlos Alvarado
as Gang Member
Eleanor Zee
as Marian Rice
Alex Skuby
as Medivac
Valente Rodriguez
as Mr. Trujillo
Joanna Sanchez
as Mrs. Trujillo
Juanita Wilson (II)
as Chris Law's Grandmother
Viola Kates Simpson
as Estelle Webb
Jeffrey Noah
as Adrian Reynolds
Jack Orend
as Mr. Kyle
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Critic Reviews for ER: Season 4

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In season four, the premiere episode was performed live and suggested that much of the show's appeal was lost when all the post-production wizardry wasn't available.

November 29, 2017 | Full Review…

Thursday night's season premiere of NBC's "ER," the first weekly drama series to broadcast an episode live, was flawless, thrilling, fascinating and a total success.

November 28, 2017 | Full Review…

Instead of carrying viewers on an emotional journey of palpable highs and lows, the live "ER" operated in an unusually narrow emotional range.

November 28, 2017 | Full Review…

The best event episodes of ER have an electric, cinematic quality that network TV rarely manages to achieve. Yet they wouldn't work without the show's sterling ensemble.

November 29, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

Cop-out though it may have been, it - and the show's video texture as a whole - carried an oddly riveting quality.

November 28, 2017 | Full Review…
Top Critic

The live ''E.R.'' on Thursday was something the show has never been before and isn't likely to be again: terminally dull.

November 28, 2017 | Full Review…

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