Breaking Out Is Hard to Do


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Lois develops kleptomania, leading to a wild shoplifting spree. She lands in prison, only to be broken out by Peter and the kids. The Griffins then take refuge from pursuing policeman Joe Swanson by hiding in "Asiantown." Alas, Joe manages to pick up their trail (no great trick, since Peter has become a popular sumo wrestler), whereupon the family retreats to the sewers, where the plot thickens, as it were. So far as we can determine, this is the only American TV cartoon episode of recent memory to reference the names of both Karl Malden and Corey Haim (two treats in one!)


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter Griffin/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire
Phil LaMarr
as Judge
Seth Green
as Chris
Hunter Gomez
as Terminally Ill Child
Joseph Seal
as Chunk/Mikey
Paul Ganus
as Falcor/Security Guard
Rob Narita
as Man/Sumo Announcer
Adam West
as Mayor West
Dat Phan
as Asian Police Pilot
Danny Smith
as '60s Announcer/TV Announcer
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