Model Misbehavior


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Hoping to fulfill a dream she's had since teenhood, Lois defies her parents in embarks upon a career as a model. Not only does this make husband Peter jealous, but it also exacts a huge toll on Lois when she starts popping diet pills. As Peter cooks up a plan to win his wife back, baby Stewie concocts "CashScam", a pyramid scheme, with a reluctant Brian (who needs the money for his worm medication) as his head henchman. Among the pop-culture references in this episode are jibes at Sesame Street and Six Feet Under, and even a broadside aimed at Family Guy fans who have nothing better to do with their time than pause their DVDs to catch the jokes they'd missed first time around.


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire/Carter/Cookie Monster/Grandpa
Alex Borstein
as Lois/Babs/Grandma/Jodie Foster/Karin
Kate Rigg
as Esperanza
Seth Green
as Chris
Johnny Brennan
as Mort Goldman
Mike Henry
as Cleveland/Deaf Guy/Host
John Viener
as Announcer/Game Show Announcer/P.A. Announcer
Kate Rigg
as Brandi/Esperanza
Suzie Plakson
as Contestant/Hillary Clinton/Siobahn
Danny Smith
as Director/Man in Suit/Salesman
Ralph Garman
as Doctor/John Hinckley/Kennedy
Hunter Gomez
as Grandson
Johnny Brennan
as Horace/Mort Goldman
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