Prick Up Your Ears


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Lois teaches sex education at James Woods High, but is fired when other parents protest, so Principal Shepherd (voice of Gary Cole) brings in a preacher (David Cross) to rap about abstinence. One student who gets the message is Meg. Another is a boy she meets at the abstinence assembly. Soon, Peter gets the message as well. Meanwhile, Stewie has it in for both the tooth fairy and Brian's dim-witted girlfriend, Jillian (Drew Barrymore).


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire/Houdini/Picasso/Tooth Fairy
Alex Borstein
as Lois/Mrs. Houdini
Seth Green
as Chris/Adult Michael Jackson/Young Michael Jackson/Pizza Guy
Mike Henry
as Cleveland/Herbert/Performance Artist's Piece/Sportscaster
Gary Cole
as Principal Shepherd
David Cross
as Rev. Jerry Kirkwood
Adam West
as Mayor West
John Viener
as Liam Neeson/Tetris Piece/Doctor/Various Announcers
Alexandra Breckenridge
as Blair/Girl/Woman
Chris Cox
as Boy/Ryan
Lori Alan
as Diane Simmons
Ralph Garman
as Doctor/Parent
Kim Parks
as Gerri
Alec Sulkin
as Kid/Sportscaster
Margaret Easley
as Western Woman
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