We've Got Spirit
Freaks and Geeks Season 1

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Still reeling from a singularly creepy/embarrassing bonding moment, Lindsay (Linda Cardinelli) decides it's time to break up with the chronically stoned, oddly obsessive Nick (Jason Segel). When the other Freaks get wind of her plan, they beg her not to break his heart -- but Lindsay's investigation of Nick's previous breakup only encourages her to cut the cord. But Kim (Busy Phillips), Daniel (James Franco), and Ken (Seth Rogan) have problems of their own: a rival school's drive-by water-ballooning has them hell bent on retribution, and uncharacteristically supportive of their own McKinley High basketball team. Meanwhile, in yet another effort to win the favors of perky cheerleader Cindy Sanders (Natasha Melnick), Sam (John Daley) decides to audition for the recently vacated position of McKinley High team mascot, The Fighting Norseman. The bizarre Norseman head proves too big for him to fill, however, and as game day approaches, Sam begins to take out his nervousness on his buddies as well as Cindy.

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