Full House (1987 - 1995)

Full House

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Comedian Bob Saget stars in this heartfelt comedy series as Danny Tanner, the widowed father of three young and rambunctious girls: 9-month-old Michelle, 5-year-old Stephanie and 10-year-old D.J. Danny recruits his two buddies.

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1994, ABC, 24 episodes

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1993, ABC, 24 episodes

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1992, ABC, 24 episodes

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1991, ABC, 26 episodes

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1990, ABC, 26 episodes

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1989, ABC, 24 episodes

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1988, ABC, 22 episodes

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1987, ABC, 22 episodes


Bob Saget
as Danny Tanner
Dave Coulier
as Joey Gladstone
John Stamos
as Jesse Cochran/Katsopolis
Candace Cameron Bure
as Donna Jo `D.J.' Tanner
Jodie Sweetin
as Stephanie Tanner
Mary-Kate Olsen
as Michelle Tanner
Ashley Olsen
as Michelle Tanner
Andrea Barber
as Kimmy Gibler
Lori Loughlin
as Rebecca Donaldson Katsopolis
Gail Edwards
as Vicki Larson
Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit
as Nicky Katsopolis
Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit
as Alex Katsopolis
Yvonne Wilder
as Irene Katsopolis
Richard Paul
as Mr. Strowbridge
The Beach Boys
as Themselves
Jared Leong
as Davey Chu
Beverly Archer
as Ms. Twitchel
John Aprea
as Nick Katsopolis
Debbie Gregory
as Connie Anderson
Mike Love
as Himself
Rosanne Katon
as Mrs. Manning
Marcia Wallace
as Mrs. Carruthers
Dana Sparks
as Cynthia
Steve Oedekerk
as Steve Butler
Barney Martin
as Ranger Roy
Jim Coleman
as Steel Band Leader
Brian Kale
as Reporter
Hilary Shepard
as Jive-All-Night Julie
Tiffany Watson
as Jennifer S.
Greg Collins
as 2nd Prisoner
Michael Marzella
as Lamp Seller
Don Hood
as Kenneth
Steve Bond
as Todd Masters
Erin Braun
as Debbie
Susan Krebs
as Mrs. Patterson
Max Alexander
as Dr. Wynegar
Michael Gregory
as Mr. Cuchinello
Helen Martin
as Shirley
Anzu Lawson
as Concert Emcee
Danielle Fishel
as Jennifer P.
June Lockhart
as Miss Wiltrout
Brian Robbins
as Janolari
Molly Orr
as Girl at Show
Keythe Farley
as Mr. Dobson
Phillip Glasser
as Young Danny
Doris Roberts
as Grandma Claire
Mayah McCoy
as Melissa
Arlene Lorre
as Marilyn
Sandra Wild
as Waitress
Josh Blake
as Sylvio
Ed Hooks
as Manager
Bill Mory
as Mr. Pearson
Nora Masterson
as Mrs. Foley
Rif Hutton
as Sergeant
Arlen Dean Snyder
as Col. Gladstone
Brittan Taylor
as Aerobics Instructor
Rob Perlow
as Rob Perlow
Kevin Brassard
as Indiana Jones Stuntman
Nathan Nishiguchi
as Harry Takyama
Scott Baio
as Pete Biaco
Karen Maruyama
as Mrs. Knotts
Candace Thiboult
as Audience Warmup
Liz Keifer
as Corinna
Bruce Gold
as Phil Blankman
Jackie Joseph
as Mrs. Payton
Kristian Alfonso
as Robin Winslow
Troy Zuccolotto
as Muscle Guy
Nancy Valen
as Lamaze Instructor
Cyd Strittmatter
as Flight Attendant
Kathy Kinney
as Mrs. Bedrosian
Oliver Clark
as Principal Robolard
Sara Moonves
as Abe Lincoln/Terri
Jaleel White
as Steve Urkel
Julie Payne
as Ms. Cooke
Rani and Gil Sharone
as Teenage Nicky and Alexander
Sharon Barr
as Off. Warren
Nancy Dussault
as Dr. Mary-Ann Steiner
Bill Erwin
as Mr. Ferguson
Esther Scott
as Mrs. Homewood
Sean Fox
as Brett
Mary Gillis
as Estelle
Dorothy Parke
as Caroline
Luis Avalos
as Santana
Sherri Rose
as Darlene
Edie McClurg
as Jungle Jenny
Denise Dowse
as Mrs. Jacobs
Gail Paulo
as Leilani
Julia Montgomery
as Adult Stephanie
Tyra Ferrell
as Miss Petrie
Daniel Moriarty
as Stonewall
Jayne Modean
as Adult Michelle
Mary Kane
as Donna
as Clerk
Rhonda Shear
as Adult Kimmy
Robert Arthur
as Minister
Bonnie Urseth
as Miss Suzie
Cristina Lawson
as Japanese Host
Ben Stein
as Elliot Warner
Mickey Rooney
as Mr. Dreghorn
Nancy Charles
as Mrs. Saks
Annemarie McEvoy
as Kathy Santoni
Wendy Cutler
as Mrs. Hardesty
Michael J. Shea
as Stage Manager
Dee Marcus
as Violet
Kathy Rossetter
as The Teacher
Barry Kivel
as Michael Kagan
Philip Levien
as Mr. Lowry
Ernie Hudson
as Reggie "The Sandman" Martin
Joshua Cadman
as Stage Manager
Ed Alonzo
as Himself
Stacey Q
as Herself
Kristi Sommers
as Stewardess
Jonathan Brandis
as Michael Montfort
Hilary Wayne
as Herself
Christie Houser
as Pam Tanner
Rick Astor
as Stage Manager
Dick Tanner
as Teacher
Tony Longon
as Tough Prisoner
Lisa Melilli
as Girl in Class
Cyndi Pass
as Laker Girl #2
John Drayman
as Maitre D'
Scott Mackenzie
as Boy at Party
Rani Sharone
as Teenage Nicky
Cristina Anzu Lawson
as Concert Emcee
Bill Morey
as Mr. Pearson
Erika Wshii
as Pocahontas
Marc Revivo
as Wrestler
Peggy O'Neal
as Waitress
Lora Rachel Davidson
as "Goodnight" Girl
Dot-Marie Jones
as Girl's Muscular Mother
Olivia Mandel
as Party Guest
Jamie Zwick
as Track Member
Biff Manard
as Cowpoke
David Wakefield
as Pizza Man
Greg Callahan
as Mr. Benten
Annette Sinclair
as Ms. Borland
Wayne Powers
as Frank Flood
Britain Taylor
as Aerobics Instructor
Robert Arthur
as Minister
James Clayton
as Home Plate Umpire
Megan Parlen
as Bowling Girl
David Still
as The Bear
Devon Odessa
as Shelly Phillips
Cyrus Nemani
as Boy at Show
Brenden Jefferson
as Paul Revere
Aimee Yamabe
as Danielle
Gregg Binkley
as Security Guard
Christopher Ripple
as Preschool Boy
David Ruprecht
as TV Announcer
Jimm Giannini
as Seedy Man
Robert Bennett
as Donkey Man
Jim Hudson
as Minister
David Stenstrom
as Security Guard
Jim Warren
as Stage Manager
Hilary Zwick
as Hallway Friend
Ebick Pizzadili
as Elizabeth
Mary Pat Gleason
as Mrs. Sianski
Mark Costello
as Anchorman
Robert Perlow
as Announcer
Stacy Alden
as Secretary
Liza Greer
as Heather
Philip Glasser
as Young Danny
Lucy Lee Flippin
as Mrs. Agbabian
Taylor Leigh
as Darlene
Vera Lockwood
as Gina Katsopolis
as Model
Terry Little
as Announcer
Troy Zuccoloto
as Bodybuilder
Cynthia Steele
as Mrs. Claire
Jack Lightsy
as First Base Umpire
Bob Parlow
as Himself
Paige Pengra
as Dance Teacher
Alison Armitage
as Girl on Bike
Lisa Capps
as Roberta
Daniel Patrick Moriarty
as Hershel "Stonewall" Brinkley
Brennan LaShever
as Cooper Charles
Sonny Kelly
as Wrestler
Gregory Grudt
as Classmate
Alicia Anne
as Dancing Partner
David Bennett
as Party Nerd
Tim Neil
as Delivery Man
Allison Kristman
as Riding Instructor
Elizabeth Keifer
as Corinna Spicer
Laurie Carr
as Miss Kadota Fig
Robin Greer
as Crystal
Adam Harris
as Young Jesse
Kara Albright
as Howie Anderson
Melanie Vincz
as Adult DJ
D'Bora Loggins
as Mother #1
Micah Rowe
as Classmate
R. Todd Torok
as Mr. Davis
Michelle Smith
as Laker Girl #1
Peter Wilcox
as Elvis Lookalike
Paul Baumgartner
as Brain Dead
Tommy Page
as Himself
Gil Sharone
as Teenage Alex
Cyndi Strittmatter
as Flight Attendant
Ken Kerman
as Firefighter
as BoBo the Mime
Fred Koehler
as Gorilla Bernstein
Mark Henn
as Animator
Jacob Kenner
as Boy Scout
Madalyn Capone
as Dancing Partner
Barbara J. Rinsler
as Mrs. Yablonski
Danielle Judovits
as Girl in Toy Store
Francesco Valli
as Kid at Playground
Bridgette Cameron
as Photographer
Lisa Dinkins
as Med Tech
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