Back to School


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The seventh and final season of Growing Pains begins as Mike Seaver (Kirk Cameron) launches his teaching career with an assignment at an urban high school attached to the Community Health Clinic. This allows the series' producers to introduce two new characters this season: Mike's boss Mr. Tedesco, played by Fred Applegate), and troubled student Luke Brower--played by no less than Leonardo DiCaprio). Elsewhere, Chrissy (Ashley Johnson) comes to grief following the advice of brother Ben (Jeremy Miller) when she enters the first grade; and Carol (Tracey Gold) likewise learns to regret her decision to move into a dorm.


Kirk Cameron
as Mike Seaver
Leonardo DiCaprio
as Luke Brower
Shawn Modrell
as Brianne Miller
Fred Applegate
as Tedesco
Vonte Sweet
as J.J.
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