House of Cards: Season 4 (2016)


Season 4
House of Cards

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House of Cards retains its binge-worthiness by ratcheting up the drama, and deepening Robin Wright's role even further.



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User Ratings: 1479
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    Oof, that was Rotten.

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Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
Air date: Mar 4, 2016
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Tv Season Info

Series 4 opens with Frank and Claire still at odds with each other. Claire's determination to be a political figure puts Frank's campaign and marriage in jeopardy. Meanwhile Frank battles for the Democratic Party nomination and seeks a suitable running mate. While the young attractive Conservative candidate Will Conway uses social media to increase his popularity. Lucas is let out of prison and will stop at nothing to expose the truth about President Underwood.


Kevin Spacey
as Francis Underwood
Robin Wright
as Claire Underwood
Sebastian Arcelus
as Lucas Goodwin
Molly Parker
as Jacqueline Sharp
Gerald McRaney
as Raymond Tusk
Kristen Connolly
as Christina Gallagher
Sakina Jaffrey
as Linda Vasquez
Nathan Darrow
as Edward Meechum
Constance Zimmer
as Janine Skorsky
Rachel Brosnahan
as Rachel Posner
Michel Gill
as Garrett Walker
Sandrine Holt
as Gillian Cole
Jayne Atkinson
as Catherine Durant
Mahershala Ali
as Remy Danton
Michael Kelly
as Doug Stamper
Ben Daniels
as Adam Galloway
Boris McGiver
as Tom Hammerschmidt
Joel Kinnaman
as Will Conway
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Critic Reviews for House of Cards Season 4

All Critics (36) | Top Critics (17)

A fast and furious romp through the first six episodes that should keep bingers - and fans - happy. (Six episodes were made available for critics' advance screening; all 12 episodes are available today for streaming.)

Mar 4, 2016 | Rating: A | Full Review…
Top Critic

It's basically Scandal without a sense of humor.

Jul 31, 2018 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

The dynamic of Claire as an insurgent and Frank as a seething spurned husband (instead of folksy asides, we get a murder dream) has created an interesting, novel dynamic.

Mar 4, 2016 | Full Review…

Heavy-handed symbolism, bloody MacBethian imagery and a recurring nightmare launch the tale into a hyper-real version of U.S. politics, where murder is a tactic along with gladhanding and kissing babies.

Mar 4, 2016 | Full Review…

Season 4 seems to be dialing up the psychological darkness as the walls separating different compartments in its characters' lives collapse.

Mar 3, 2016 | Full Review…
Top Critic

[Beau] Willimon can move on with his head held high, knowing he's successfully progressed House of Cards from a rich soap to serious drama.

Mar 4, 2016 | Rating: A- | Full Review…
Top Critic

Actually, what we've been hooked to is the soap opera that underlies and that pushes us to see one chapter after another. [Full Review in Spanish]

Jul 11, 2018 | Full Review…

Far from overstaying its welcome, the series is now a wholly American barometer of power, haplessly earnest on one side, grotesque on the other.

Apr 17, 2018 | Full Review…

Watching House of Cards isn't tethered to real time, of course: it seems almost counter-pop cultural to watch only one episode on release day and not binge on the full 13.

Aug 14, 2017 | Full Review…

Setting the story in an election year gives this season some added cache. But as evil as Frank might be, the good thing is that whatever he does only become fodder for next season.

Apr 13, 2017 | Full Review…

Despite everything, House of Cards was, in its icy heart of hearts, a love story. And then Claire went and turned into Skyler White from Breaking Bad. Ugh.

Jul 14, 2016 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review…

When I'm on my deathbed and my loved ones are gathered around for my last breath, I'm gonna look back to my 30s and say, gotdamn, I wish I had those 13 hours back that I committed to House Of Cards season 4.

Jun 12, 2018 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for House of Cards: Season 4

  • Dec 13, 2019
    Great show only thing not believable is the media in the show would never talk down about a democratic president running for term 2
  • Apr 08, 2019
    The shows plotting are ludicrous but it is highly shocking and entertaining. The focus on Robin Wright as Claire Underwood rescues the show. The audience at this point realizes she may be the colder and scarier of the Underwoods.
  • Mar 15, 2019
    spacey and wright make an awesome team
  • Dec 31, 2018
    I can't wait to see more!
  • Dec 29, 2018
    By giving Robin Wright more screen time, the power dynamic between the two Underwoods provides another season of compelling political drama and shocking revelations.
  • Dec 16, 2017
    Puntaje original: 7.6 El tirano más querido de la televisión regresa con todo esta temporada, recuperándose del fiasco de su predecesora, va marcando ya la conclusión de la serie.
  • Aug 12, 2017
    The best drama show about politics, hands down. Intrigues, crimes, sex, White House.
  • Jul 26, 2017
    After season three's slow pace and lack of momentum,this season returns House of Cards to glory. This season(minus the Claire affair subplot) is filled with thrilling plot lines,superb acting,shocking moments and most of all a powerful Claire and a powerless Frank.
  • Jun 06, 2017
    The fourth season of Netflix’s first original series is still standing strong amidst the multitude of new programmes that have entered the website’s catalogue since the first season debuted in 2013. Frank Underwood is the President of the United States of America, but his power is under threat from every possible direction: Heather Dunbar, Governor Conway, Tom Hammerschmidt and ICO. The fourth season has a bit of everything, but finishes on a devilish note which should set a definite tone for the fifth season. Absolutely gripping stuff! ——————————————————-SPOILERS AHEAD————————————————————- During House of Cards‘ run, it has seen new Netflix programmes such as Orange Is the New Black, Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Making A Murderer, but it has still stood strong among these programmes that have acquired their own legions of fans. Netflix’s flagship programme had a fifth season announced, even before the release of the fourth season. I personally think that there will only be one or two more seasons left, before ending in dramatic fashion no doubt. The end is terrifying. Claire acknowledging Frank’s monologue added dynamite to the explosive finale and places season five in a very interesting position as Claire is shown as equally conniving as Frank. (Maybe Claire will get some monologues next season?) By joining Frank in his ruthless stance to the obstacles that face them, will make the first episode of the next season widely anticipated by all viewers including Pres. Barack Obama and the Presidential nominees (Clinton and Trump). How they deal with a terrorist threat in the form of Islamic extremists will be interesting due to the clear parallels with the current threat posed by ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Will the Underwood’s approach work? Who knows?! The season spanned a plethora of issues that made for thrilling entertainment and enthralling storylines that all interconnected as threads in the web of politics. The Democrat primaries, Frank and Claire’s relationship, the attempted assassination of Frank, the deal with Russia, Claire for Vice President, the election campaign and the hostage situation with terrorist group ICO. To compact all of this excitement might seem overbearing when written in list form, but in drama form, it was effortlessly brilliant and addictive. Addictive is the key word that typifies House of Cards, the politics, relationships and conflicts all combine to form a programme that keeps you on the edge of your seat…and gripping the armrests too! A favourite scene of mine seen the temporary return of Zoe Barnes and Peter Russo during one of Frank’s hallucinations during his time spent in hospital following the attempted assassination by Lucas Goodwin. *That white dress!* Not only did Kate Mara’s appearance add some sexiness to the proceedings, but the scene also opened Frank’s inner demons to himself and the viewer. Perhaps this gave an insight into his reaction to Hammerschmidt’s exposé later in the season. House of Cards has remained one of my favourite current programmes; the stellar cast, fascinating storylines and expertly crafted episodes have all combined to create edge-of-the-seat viewing that is vital in the era of binge-watching. Spacey and Wright encapsulate the brilliant casting, not a single character is miscast. Each and every one of them are perfect for their respective roles. I particularly enjoyed the story concerning Claire’s run for Vice President and Frank’s running mate. Not only did this bring Frank and Claire closer together in a more powerful and menacing way, but it also created a situation for Frank to deliver one of his most devastating speeches to Cathy Durant, Secretary of State, and also opened the door to Thomas Yates and Leann Harvey, who both developed this season.
  • Jan 09, 2017
    Action packed season!!!!

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