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Throwing himself into his work to get his mind off his birthday, House (Hugh Laurie) is intrigued when diagnosed schizophrenic Lucille Palmeiro (Stacy Edwards) has a pulmonary embolism at the unusually young age of 38. In fact, he's so intrigued that he breaks his own self-imposed rule and tries to talk to the woman at her home--where her 15-year-old son Luke (Aaron Himelstein) seems to know a lot more than he's saying. Elsewhere, Chase (Jesse Spencer) has serious issues with his past. This episode affords a rare opportunity to hear Hugh Laurie speak in his authentic British accent.


Hugh Laurie
as Dr. Greg House
Lisa Edelstein
as Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Robert Sean Leonard
as Dr. James Wilson
Jennifer Morrison
as Dr. Allison Cameron
Sonya Eddy
as Sally
Omar Epps
as Dr. Eric Foreman
Jesse Spencer
as Dr. Robert Chase
Stacy Edwards
as Lucille Palmeiro
Aaron Himelstein
as Luke Palermo
Al Espinosa
as Dr. Wells
John Prosky
as Dr. Bergin
Pat Musick
as Trina Wyatt
C. Xavier Drayton
as Male Truant Officer
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